The russian TV-START invests in CrossNET Intercom solution for their new production studio and OB Van.

All the configuration and setup of the complete system was managed remotely between TV-START technical team and AEQ central support department.

TV START is a Russian television production company with a broad technical base. It offers any service or infrastructure for broadcasting, such as rental of equipment for a complete television production, or live broadcast of any event through a complete and capable human team.

Headquartered in Moscow, TV-START can offer their services in any region of Russia, CIS countries or Central and East Europe. In addition, using fly pack equipment, they can produce events on different continents and far away countries.

Mr. Antón Shirokov, TVSTART's COO, has taken a moment in the middle of a production to speak with us. He describes his equipment and activity to us: “We have five OB Van, four of them with satellite connection, with teleport connection, twelve commentator positions, 80 independent lines of communication with the uplink to send the signal to satellite. Apart from event production, we are also dedicated to broadcasting different television channels. Specifically, we provide this service to five TV channels from our own production center. We have known AEQ for a long time, the first equipment we acquired from AEQ was a commentator unit or CU”.

TV START observed wide technical advantages in AEQ's intercom systems and the company's management included them in their 2021 technology upgrade plans, in which they built a static studio and a new OB Van.

The flexibility of the TP8000 panels in terms of connectivity - via IP audio, point-to-point digital links, and IP voice with low bit rate, are key features for TV-START. The wide processing capacity of the panels (parametric eq, filters, noise gate, compressor, expander, and limiter) that acoustically adapts them to any user and work style, it is also highly valued by users.

The Intercom solution picked for the studio is based on an AEQ Crossnet 72 intercom matrix, used for the distribution of audio signals. Also, four TP8116 wired user panels in rack format with 16 keys and four pages, for the control gallery and two TP8416 (desktop version), with the same keyboard to program communications, plus an additional telephone type keyboard, for executive management and production office workplaces.

Static system: Left photo - director position. Right photo - two operator stations

Each of these user panels incorporates a high-quality audio input and output, suitable for broadcasting. The matrix's analog, digital and AoIP inputs and outputs are also of high quality. This allows the intercom infrastructure to be used for routing broadcast audio.

The TV START studio solution also has two BS 3004 user terminals with 4 keys and connectivity exclusively for low bit rate networks. TVSTART is using these panels in remote locations, connected by VoIP.

About this system he tells us:

And this year we have incorporated an intercom in our production center, which includes the Central Control Room, with communications with the OB Van and centralization of the audio from the CUs, engineerin, and all kinds of central services.

The choice was made on the basis of looking for a cost-effective solution: One that offered the best benefits, within a medium-limited budget. One of the key decision-making factors has been the fact that the system works in AoIP Dante format - our CUs that are in the central control room are connected by Dante. Today we consider this decision to be the best we could make”.

The second intercom system, placed in the OB Van, includes the same Crossnet 72 intercom matrix used for audio signals distribution between camera operators (using a six-to-one concentrator for analog intercommunication) and seven TP8116 wired rackmounted user panels, for the different directors and technical operators inside the vehicle. The two systems are fully operational to the full satisfaction of users.

On-board system: Left photo, camera operator, video switcher and producer positions.
Right photo: Crossnet intercom matrix.

About this system Mr. Shirokov has told us:

The second intercom system is in our last 8 camera OB Van. The requirements were the same: communication with the camera and control operators, communication with the different panels within OB Van itself, and with third-party equipment.

We really like working with AEQ - we like AEQ quality and the relationship with its professionals. The equipment comply with everything that is required. Both technical and commercial feedback are great. We hope to do more projects with AEQ in the future ”.

We thank Mr. Shirokov for both his time and his comments. We are also very pleased to work with them.

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Notes: Press Release - AEQ - 08/07/2021