Spanish Telemadrid's communications platform is based on AEQ technology.

After consulting with the station, AEQ developed the application SYSTEL IP TV that communicates with Intercom Systems of any brand.

Telemadrid is a Spanish regional television channel broadcasting in the Community of Madrid and part of FORTA. It was launched on 2 October 1989. It offers general programming for all audiences, focusing on local information about the region and current news programmes. It is located in Ciudad de la Imagen, in Pozuelo de Alarcón.

Telemadrid has a high definition signal (Telemadrid HD) since 2010 and an international channel (Telemadrid INT) since 2020.

In its schedule, live local and regional news plays an important role, as well as the broadcasting of local cultural and sporting events. For this reason, the production coordination system extends outside the programme production center in Ciudad de la Imagen, to reach the mobile units and ENG teams on the street.

Telemadrid contacted AEQ on the occasion of the appearance of the Systel IP equipment to see how they could provide a solution to their intercommunication needs with the mobile units. Telemadrid is a user of other previous communications management and coordination systems developed by AEQ.

SYSTEL IP was initially defined as an IP telephone system for talk-show applications or the broadcasting of calls and call groups in radio programmes. It allows IP calls from IP telephony providers, IP PBXs or even audiocodecs or ISDN and conventional telephony to be included in the broadcast. It allows a great economic saving in communication expenses and a very remarkable improvement in the audio quality of the communications.

But its infrastructure based on an audio summing and distribution matrix with access to a large number of analogue and digital audio circuits, as well as IP telephone lines based on SIP protocol, covers other needs, in particular TV coordination, as we discovered in the consulting work with Telemadrid to adapt the user application to the technical intercom needs, independent of the make and model of the intercom matrix used in the Production Center.

The diagram below shows the system for the coordination of Telemadrid's outside broadcasts. The analysis of Telemadrid's needs led us to develop the "Systel IP TV" application which is now a standard product in AEQ's catalogue.

The installation is based on a Systel IP12 unit connected to the external 4-wire I/O of an intercom matrix, from a non-AEQ manufacturer, which generates the external communications for your TV studio. You can set up 12 calls in total.

12 call queues have been planned in Systel with independent coordination return for each queue, establishing 12 4-wire circuits from Systel to matrix. The initial matrix, now replaced, had only analogue inputs, so a multiple AD-DA converter was inserted, using both the digital and analogue I/O of Systel IP12.

The operator sets up communication with remote interlocutors using a handset. The intercom matrix establishes bidirectional routes with the console and complex partyline-based routes with different panels depending on the needs of each production.

The main application is the coordination with ENG teams via mobile phones, with the journalist receiving the return of the programme and orders on his earpiece.

The camera communicates on 4-wire using micro-hulls installed in its handset with a partyline group programmed in the matrix.

When they work with a mobile unit, at least 3 4-wire circuits are established with the mobile, integrating them into a specific intercom group.

The entire project was been led by the sales manager of AEQ for Telemadrid, Mr. Bernardo Saiz, in coordination with the technical services of Telemadrid.

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