Russian Production Company LOGOS TV upgrades its OB Van with AEQ Intercom system.

CROSSNET Matrix and TP8000 user panels facilitate intercommunication in the Russian Broadcaster's Mobile Studios.

The production company of Logos TV, with its headquarters in Moscow, has as its main line of business, the leasing of equipment for recording television programmes, sports competitions, concerts and events, etc. It also provides technical staff for all types of media productions.

To serve the entire Russian territory, Logos TV has OB Vans deployed throughout the country. Actually this production company already had a KROMA intercom system, composed by the TB3020 matrix, with analogue and digital ports integrated into these units. After checking its operation for years, the Russian broadcaster now has decided to update its intercommunications with AEQ, this time acquiring the CROSSNET matrix and the TP8000 user panels.

Vidau is AEQ dealer in the area and responsible for the installation, recommended to Logos TV the incorporation of the compact CROSSNET matrix, in its 72-port version, but easily expandable in the future to 168. Unlike the TB3020 matrix, this matrix already has analogue, digital and multi-channel IP audio interconnection functions over Dante-AES67 proto.

The TP8000 user panels installed are both in rackable format, model TP8116 and desktop model TP8416. Both models have 16 programmable keys on 4 different pages. It has individual volume control for each communication point and ECO canceller. It has a double AoIP Dante™ port, a VoIP port, a Digital port and an analogue port. Thanks to the implementation of an internal DSP with great processing power, the user can carry out advanced configurations for each panel. (Click here to know more)

The combination of the CROSSNET matrix and the TP 8000 user panels via digital links creates an ideal system for portable installations as well as for small and medium sized installations. In this particular case, Logos TV carries out its productions in complete safety with all the equipment installed in flycases, which are easy to transport and change according to the needs of the technical deployment.

This is why the CROSSNET solution turned out to be the most comfortable for them due to its flexibility, easy handling and that it fits perfectly into the operation of a portable studio. (Clic here to know more)

Logos TV regularly rents out this portable studio to several of its clients. This means that the configuration software has to be very easy to use and intuitive. Crossmapper meets these requirements perfectly and also fulfils the function of monitoring and control. As the Logos TV managers commented, "The Crossmapper SW has a very user-friendly interface and it is very easy for our customers to learn how to work with it.” (Click here to know more)

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Notes: Press Release - AEQ - January 21, 2021