CNC Media used Virtual Capitol to keep Broadcasting during the Pandemic.

AEQ Virtual Capitol App once again demonstrates its full potential in exceptional situations such as Pandemics or Past Floods Disaster.

In a 2020 marked by a pandemic and the reinvention of radio broadcasting, in AEQ cannot end the year without mentioning how one of our customers has faced this terrible global situation with our remote control SW for the mixing console AEQ CAPITOL IP, the VirtualCapitol app.

CNC Media is the leading communications company in northern Chile. It includes a digital newspaper, a television station and three radio stations: Canal95, FM Plus and FM Quiero. They are also members of ARCHI, the Chilean Radio Association.

In 2013, CNC Media installed several digital audio mixers AEQ CAPITOL, to renovate its central radio studios.

AEQ CAPITOL is a digital audio mixer that offers all the features required by any small or medium sized radio station. It has eight programmable faders, four microphones inputs, 12 analogue lines and four AES / EBU inputs, eight analogue lines and four AES / EBU outputs. The console provides control for speakers and headsets in the control room and studio, onair signalling, as well as the optional dual-line telephone hybrid, and the VirtualCapitol remote control application.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, CNC Media has attempted to protect the health of its staff while maintaining radio broadcasts as normal as possible, audio operators and presenters are working remotely with this VirtualCapitol application. In this way, it is possible to work with the mixing console AEQ CAPITOL IP anywhere in the world that has an IP connection with the equipment. Simply, the VirtualCapitol application runs on a normal PC and from that point, it takes control of the physical console, carrying out all the actions indicated remotely from a user-friendly control interface that reproduces exactly the same real control surface of the AEQ CAPITOL table.

Curiously, this is not the first time that the VirtualCapitol function of the AEQ CAPITOL IP console helps CNC Media Chile to continue with its usual broadcasts in difficult situations. In 2016, after some massive rain storms in the country, the studios suffered important damages that affected one AEQ CAPITOL's control surface that had to be repaired. During the time that the faulty module was in the workshop, the work on the radio was not affected, because the CNC staff operated with the same normality only using the VirtualCapitol application instead of the physical control of the table at that time damaged by the rain.

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Notes: Press Release - AEQ - 23 December 2020