Perfect Sound on all Frequencies - HIT RADIO FFH, planet radio and trust in Orban Audio Processors.

HIT RADIO FFH, planet radio and are united under the roof of the Radio/Tele FFH GmbH & Co. Betriebs-KG with 101 employees and 60 freelancers. HIT RADIO FFH is the most popular radio programme in Hessen with more than 2.7 million listeners daily.

Bad Vilbel, Germany - It started on 15th November 1989 and is a programme for the whole family. Planet radio is directed towards a younger audience and the radio station in Hessen with the most younger listeners, playing a mix of Dance, Hip Hop, R’n’B and Pop music. Η completes the range and attracts especially-but not only-elder listeners. This is the only programme in Hessen which exclusively plays hits from the 70ies, 80ies and 90ies.

Radio/Tele FFH operates in total eight OPTIMOD 8600 Audio Processors; six are used for the regionalised transmission paths of Hit Radio FFH for the areas Kassel, Fulda, Gießen, Wiesbaden, Darmstadt and Bad Vilbel, and one is used for the transmission feed of planet radio and one

“We decided to buy the OPTIMOD 8600 amongst other reasons because of the MX Limiter technology. This feature is only available in the 8600 and the newer 8700i OPTIMOD processors,” says Harald Caplier, responsible for audio/ system engineering at Radio/Tele FFH. “Besides that, we can use the OPTIMODs for our FM transmission signals and simultaneously for audio processing of the internet streaming channels.”

In addition to the OPTIMODs 8600, Radio/Tele FFH uses three OPTIMODs 5500i for monitoring the respective ON AIR signal of the programmes with very low latency. If necessary, these units can also be used as backup for the FM audio processing simply by switching a preset. For the DAB+ transmission paths and the satellite transmission paths six OPTIMOD 6300, which are especially designed for processing digital formats such as DAB+, were purchased. The four web radios FFH+80er, FFH+90er, FFH+CHARTS and FFH+ROCK are processed with the OPTIMOD-PC 1101e, a Windows PC audio card with sound processing.

“Besides the high reliability of the Orban products we really appreciate the excellent cooperation with the manufacturer. Peter van Beusekom from Orban supports us at any time when we have questions and you can feel his passion for the products and sound processing in general,” tells us Harald.
“Once a year my colleague Kai Miska, myself and Peter van Beusekom meet in Bad Vilbel to do some software updates, check the sound of our programmes and if possible, even improve the sound a bit further.” In addition to the manufacturer itself, the team of Radio/Tele FFH is supported by the company AUDIO PRO HEILBRONN Elektroakustik GmbH who is also distributing the OPTIMOD Audio Processors in Germany.

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Notes: User Report - FFH, Germany, October 21, 2019