Orban Brings Smart Processing to Online Broadcaster.

Orban, the leader in world-class audio processing, has brought its signature sound to online radio channels for Belgium’s VRT, a leading public broadcaster. VRT’s music station Studio Brussels has launched ‘Stubru #ikluisterbelgisch, facilitated by SmartRadio. Three additional online radio streams, including “90s and ‘00s” from the youth station MNM, have also been launched by VRT and are facilitated by SmartRadio.

SmartRadio, a cloud- and web-based radio-as-a-service platform was developed by Broadcast Partners, bringing 100% software-based solutions to broadcasters. It consists of microservices that can be set up to match customer needs; these microservices run in a virtualized Windows environment. SmartRadio can operate either entirely online for streaming and other services, or can provide valuable production, editing and streaming services to terrestrial broadcasters.

Orban Labs has partnered with Broadcast Partners to add Smart Processing capability to this platform. With Smart Processing, stations can select parameters for processing to create their own custom, unique ‘sound’; Orban algorithms used in Smart Processing are comparable to the company’s OPTIMOD hardware processors.

Lars de Vos, of the VRT Project Team, said “VRT appreciates Broadcast Partners’ SmartRadio as a valuable addition to the existing file-based, radio playout infrastructure. This cloud-based solution offers VRT the technological opportunity to quickly respond to the streaming needs of our radio networks.”

David Day, Orban Labs President, said “We’re excited to be part of this opportunity. With the current COVID situation, many broadcasters are looking for alternatives to the traditional studio for their music and other programming. With SmartRadio and our exclusive Smart Processing, stations are able to create the sound they want... easily.”

For more information on SmartRadio and Smart Processing: www.smartradio.nl

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Notes: Press Release - Orban Labs - May 21, 2020