OPTIMOD creates the best sound for HIT RADIO FFH’s Just White Drive-In Event with Felix Jaehn.

Due to Corona a lot of events were cancelled, and the same happened to this year’s “Hessentag”, a local festival with several days of different cultural events and various music acts. Many people were especially looking forward to the mega party organised by the radio broadcaster HIT RADIO FFH: All guests dressed in white partying all night long in Bad Vilbel with music stars, laser shows and 20.000 people.

Frankfurt am Main, Germany - However, HIT RADIO FFH did not allow Corona to mess up their party and brought the highlight of the past “Hessentage” to the “Jahrhunderthalle” to Frankfurt am Main: “FFH-Just White! The Drive-In Special”.

So, of course, this year was a bit different: The guests were not only partying in white clothes but also decorated their cars completely in white. Cloths, paint or stickers - everything was allowed. As top act HIT RADIO FFH had invited DJ Felix Jaehn to entertain the visitors.

To offer not only a visually unique experience with pyro technique and confetti rain but also an outstanding sound to the people, HIT RADIO FFH decided to use an OPTIMOD 8700i Audio Processor which was provided by Orban. At a drive-in event - just as at a drive-in cinema - the sound is brought to the car radio using an FM transmitter. Therefore, the organizers could use the OPTIMOD to offer the best possible listening impression via the visitors’ car loudspeakers.

Photo © FFH / Julian Spanhof

“Compared to a simple processing which is done at the mixing console, it is a huge difference,” says Harald Caplier, Audio-/System-Engineering Radio/Tele FFH GmbH & Co. “For the processing settings we used a preset from the planet radio programme from the Radio/Tele FFH group as a basis and adjusted it to our needs with the help of Peter van Beusekom from Orban. We put more emphasis on punch and dynamics and used a shorter AGC release time to enforce the Live-DJ-Sound. We really like to work with Orban, the support is just excellent and we received the Audio Processor for the event as a loan very unbureaucratically. A simple phone call was totally sufficient.”

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Notes: Press Release - Orban - July 2020