Lawo's Pioneering IP-based Radio Broadcast Equipment Selected by Midlands State University, Zimbabwe.

Midlands State University, one of Zimbabwe's leading academic institutions, has recently enhanced its radio broadcast capabilities with the installation of Lawo's state-of-the-art IP-based radio equipment. Lawo, a renowned manufacturer of pioneering broadcast solutions, provided the university with two of their acclaimed crystal radio mixing consoles for two new studios. The system integration was carried out by B+I, Lawo's partner in South Africa.

Midlands State University operates its own radio station, which serves as a vital platform for educational purposes and provides hands-on experience to its students. The addition of the Lawo equipment further elevates the university's broadcasting capabilities, offering advanced features and seamless integration with modern IP-based workflows.

The centerpiece of each of the two new studios is a Lawo crystal radio mixing console, boasting twelve faders and an array of innovative features. The crystal consoles have garnered widespread acclaim in the industry due to their cost-effectiveness, clean intuitive design, and adherence to standards-based RAVENNA / AES67 networking protocols. This ensures seamless compatibility with other IP-based systems and future scalability.

The crystal consoles come equipped with remarkable functionalities designed to streamline and enhance the broadcasting workflow. The AutoMix hands-free mixing feature intelligently balances audio levels, freeing up operators to focus on content creation. Additionally, the AutoGain one-touch mic gain controls simplify the adjustment of microphone levels, ensuring optimal audio quality at all times.

To further enhance operational flexibility, Lawo's VisTool GUI-building software is included as a standard feature with the crystal consoles. The software provides touchscreen graphical controls that can be customized to tailor workflows, empowering users to create an intuitive and personalized user interface.

The crystal consoles also utilize the open-source Ember+ remote control protocol, allowing seamless integration with automation systems and other broadcast software. This enables convenient and efficient operation, ensuring a cohesive and streamlined broadcasting experience.

The collaboration between Lawo, B+I, and Midlands State University exemplifies a shared commitment to innovation, education, and the advancement of the broadcasting industry in Zimbabwe. The new radio studios will enable students by way of hands-on training to develop essential skills in radio production and broadcasting, preparing them for successful careers in the industry.

Lawo is proud to have been selected as the preferred broadcast equipment provider for Midlands State University and congratulates the university on its investment in state-of-the-art technology.

"We are thrilled to be a part of Midlands State University's radio station expansion project," said Ralf Schimmel, Senior Sales Director Southern & Eastern Europe, Africa at Lawo. "Our crystal consoles have been specifically designed to cater to the evolving needs of modern radio broadcasting, providing exceptional audio quality, intuitive operation, and extensive networking capabilities. We are confident that Midlands State University will greatly benefit from these cutting-edge solutions in their efforts to educate and empower future broadcast professionals."

Speaking about the project, the spokesperson for Midlands State University commented, "We are delighted to partner with Lawo and B+I in the development of our radio studios. The crystal consoles' outstanding features and Lawo's industry expertise made them the perfect choice for our broadcasting needs. This investment will greatly enhance our students' learning experience and provide them with a platform to produce professional-grade radio content."

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Notes: Press Release – Lawo - Rastatt, 3 August 2023