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ShowTex is a world leader in the design, manufacture, sale and installation of the most innovative fabrics, tracks and motion control systems to achieve the creative vision of event and entertainment professionals.

The extensive range of fabrics provided for stages and events is tested to internationally accepted standards. In addition, it has the made-to-order world's largest front, rear and twin Pvc Projection Screens.

With offices in Europe, N. America, Middle East, Asia, Africa and Australia covering most of the continent. Employing over 300 specialists Showtex can provide cost effective solutions to any situation.

Showtex protects the environment by incorporating appropriate practices into its operations, using environmentally friendly products while researching recycling methods beneficial to theatres and our planet.

Audio & Vision, as an official Showtex Dealer in Greece, offers high quality services in the areas of marketing, design and support.

Contact us and discover how we can make your story come true!

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* Dealer for Hellas

Notes: Press Release - Audio & Vision - Athens, 25 September 2023