EDIUS 9.40 is here!

Τhe Edius 9.40 is now available, with new significant features as we had announced. In fact, it is free for all EDIUS Pro 9 and Workgroup 9 users. Details about all the new features of the updated version can be found below.

New Features of Version 9.40.4803

This update provides the following additional features:

Support to export H.264/H.265 MOV clip
Support to import Panasonic 8K resolution AVC-Intra 422 clip
Support AJA KONA 5 as video preview device
Support DNxHR MXF clip (DNxHD option required in EDIUS Pro)
Support to create several color bars for 4K HDR/SDR workflow
Support further Sony RAW clips defined by Sony RAW VENICE v3
Support to set the parameters in 0.1% step in Gaussian Blur effect
Support to enter numeric value to adjust audio level in voice over recording
H.265 clip software decode support
Support color space conversion between SDR and HDR
Support mcc/scc file on closed caption handling workflow
Support Canon DP-V series 4K UHD Reference Display for monitor control (Only Workgroup)
EDIUS allows to set over scan size on project preset creation wizard
Support AJA ΙO 4K Plus as video preview device
Support SMPTE EG 1-1990 alignment color bar test pattern in SMPTE color bar Support to export ProRes MOV/MXF clip
Support to decode ProRes RAW clip (Open CL 1.2 or better required)

Important Notification
EDIUS 9 requires SHA-2 hash algorithm code signing to be active Grass Valley hardware driver. All versions of Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 already support SHA-2 code signing, but if you are running Windows 7, you will need to install Security Updates.
SHA-2 code signing requires installation of Windows 7 updates in order to use Grass Valley hardware. There are following two ways to support SHA-2 code signing:
Obtain the latest update (recommended)
Obtain the latest update from Windows Update
Install two security updates
Install TWO Security Updates on Windows 7. Download stand-alone installer files from Microsoft website then run the installer. They MUST be installed in the following order.
1. Security Update for Windows 7 for x64-based Systems (KB303513T)
2. Security Update for Windows 7 for x64-based Systems ('ΚΒ3033929Ί
If they have not been installed, installed Grass Valley hardware may not work.

If you want to receive a complete list of issues are fixed and improved in this version, please contact us.

Download the new version here: https://www.edius.net/updates.html

Info: AV SYS * & https://edius.avsys.gr/el & https://avshop.avsys.gr/postproduction/software
* Authorized Reseller of Edius in Hellas and Cyprus

Notes: Press Release - AV SYS - May 15, 2019