Jigsaw24: Going Greek to deliver landmark Dolby Atmos studio.

We've delivered a Dolby Atmos-approved audio studio in Athens – the first of its kind in the whole of Greece.

We designed and deployed the purpose-built facility for dubbing, subtitling and post-production agency Authorwave in a COVID-secure project with precise specifications and a tight turnaround time.

As one of only two authorised Dolby Professional Solutions Resellers in the UK, we advised Authorwave on how best to create a Dolby-approved room that would allow them to create high-quality content and secure more Dolby Atmos Music commissions.

David ‘Saxon’ Greenep, Pro Audio Consultant at Jigsaw24, then flew out to the country to personally oversee the setup and pre-calibration of the studio, which was designed with Dolby themselves to ensure an ideal workflow.

The room had to meet strict requirements – relating to its size and geometry, its speakers and amps, its acoustics, and its mix and monitoring solutions – in order to become a Dolby Atmos-certified facility, and features an official rendering unit (or ‘RMU’) on a Mac mini that ensured it qualified.

In total, Saxon spent three days with the Authorwave team, adhering to strict COVID-19 safety protocols while also providing training in Avid Pro Tools workflows and Dante workflows – before managing to return to the UK just prior to the Greek government announced a new wave of restrictions in the capital.

The resulting Dolby Atmos studio gives Authorwave, which primarily works to adapt content for cinema, TV and OTT streaming services, a significant advantage over its counterparts in Greece.

Saxon said: “Authorwave were totally committed to not only building a brilliant studio, but also doing everything it takes to secure official approval from Dolby.”

“This meant it was vital that every aspect of the facility, from its layout to the calibre of equipment fitted throughout, was carefully considered and of the highest possible standard.

“It was a privilege to work on such a landmark project and provide the Greek audio industry with the country’s first Dolby Atmos-approved studio – something only a true specialist like Jigsaw24 is equipped to do.”

Our pro audio experts offer hands-on demos of Dolby Atmos solutions from an experience centre in Soho, London, and we also became the first business in the UK to earn Avid Certified Cloud Partner status earlier this year.

Info: www.jigsaw24.com & https://authorwave.com

Notes: Announcement - Jigsaw24 - October 20, 2020