AEQ Olympia 3 with Casablanca Online at Maracana Stadium.

The broadcasting of the main signal and commentary of the Flamengo-Nova Iguaçu match was carried out by the production company Casablanca Online.

Casablanca was commissioned by the organisation to cover the match, which was monetised through the championship's on-demand TV channel and digital TV broadcasting platforms.

The Sao Paulo production company provided several mobile units to the stadium to ensure proper coverage of the match. Casablanca Online is a company of the Casablanca Group that was founded almost 20 years ago with the purpose of providing live broadcasting services via satellite. The company is considered the largest provider in Brazil with the largest fleet of DSNG units in Latin America and stands out as one of the companies approved by Anatel.

Casablanca Online currently offers complete and integrated solutions for the production, capture, transmission, management and distribution of the highest quality SD, HD and 4K audiovisual content for broadcast and other platforms (satellite, fibre and IP).

AEQ Olympia 3

For this type of event, they usually use for sound an A&H audio console from television production. The fact that this console has an AoIP connection with Dante protocol, and that Olympia 3 has the same IP protocol compatible with the AES 67 standard, was one of the reasons for its acquisition.

But the decision was also supported by other reasons: The equipment does not require a specific control device, but can be configured and remotely controlled by a simple application. It was also considered the technical support and service in Brazil through the LINE UP Company, and the manufacturer's extensive references through three generations of Commentary Units serving at the Olympics and other major sporting events since 1998.

The football match, which was a high-stakes rivalry in Maracana, took place on Wednesday 3 March 2021 and was won by the home team by 1-0. The only goal of the game came 48 minutes into the second half through Max, with a powerful shot from outside the area, after an assistance from Lázaro, the star of the match.

Casablanca Online provided several mobile units to the stadium to ensure proper coverage of the match

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Notes: Press Release - AEQ - March 17th, 2021