Lawo announces Support for NDI®.

At this year’s centennial NAB show, Lawo is pleased to announce that its newly introduced HOME Apps will support streams received in the NDI video connectivity standard – including the ability to transcode and transmit a variety of incoming source streams to NDI-enabled or compatible destinations.

Lawo’s intention is to present broadcasters and media production services with the utmost flexibility and agility to cover live events whose scope and/or target viewership do not justify the utilization of broadcast-grade ST2110-based production tools and infrastructure, or indeed the lease of high-bandwidth network infrastructure in remote production scenarios. Lawo expects that other applications, such as the ability to use a mix of SDI-, NDI- and ST2110-compatible cameras, OTT streaming, fast retrieval of assets, etc., will also benefit from its support of NDI.

Three HOME Apps – Multiviewer, UDX conversion with HDR processing and Graphic Inserter – natively support NDI, while other apps will be able to process media data packets after they have been converted by the HOME Stream Transcoder, another containerized microservice processing app that will be available in Q4 of 2023.

NDI is a globally recognized standard enabling IP video workflows across Ethernet networks with three types of formats used inside of the IP protocol: NDI High Bandwidth, NDI HX, and NDI HX3. The bi-directional NDI standard permits multiple video systems to identify and communicate with one another over IP. This connectivity makes it possible to exponentially scale up the number of sources available for live production workflows.

“NDI technology benefits any network-connected video device, including cameras, converters, video mixers, graphics systems, capture cards, and many other products,” says Naveen Jayakumar, R&D Lead at NDI “As the ecosystem of NDI-enabled products grows, NDI becomes increasingly valuable for solutions like Lawo’s HOME Apps, which are looking to unlock more flexibility and interoperability for all video creators.”

“Lawo’s aim with its new HOME Apps offering is to put broadcasters firmly in the driver’s seat by allowing them to select the production tools they require to tell compelling stories from the largest possible pool of options,” explains Phil Myers, Chief Technology Officer at Lawo. “Amid the growing diversity of deliverables and the race towards ever more content, it’s difficult to see how the future of broadcast workflows will be covered by SMPTE ST2110 alone. Lawo recognizes the benefits offered by NDI and is pleased to support its customers in search of the right production tools for the job at hand, enhancing their functionality with unbridled Lawo expertise.”

*NDI® is a registered trademark of NDI Vizrt AB.

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Notes: Press Release - Lawo - Las Vegas, April 14th, 2023