PIRATES OF THE AEGEAN - Title of the 3rd Episode: Fire in the Cyclades.

Original Air Date: Tuesday 14 May 2019 @ 24:00 at Open Beyond TV.

From the Caribbean to the Indian Ocean, the 17th century is regarded as the golden age of piracy.

The 3D graphics, for the visualization needs of the historical dramatized documentary series "Pirates of the Aegean", were created by Alexia Barakou and Vasilis Magos

The Eastern Mediterranean is ablaze due to the long-lasting Venetian-Ottoman wars, leaving the sea-ways unguarded. Pirates and corsairs of all nationalities seize the opportunity provided.

Panoramic image from Milos island with the rough waves breaking on the coast
Dramatized scenes depicting key-moments of the course of the pirate Stathis Romanos Manetas, impersonated by Adrianos Gatsos

Greeks, British, French, Italians, Dutch, Berbers and Ottomans find an ideal hideout in the Cycladic islands, in the heart of the Aegean. Coming from all corners of the Mediterranean, their routes converge on Milos island, which becomes the centre of piracy. This is where they over-winter, distribute their booty, sell slaves at the slave markets, get married and confess their sins to the island’s priests. Travellers of the time speak of “a debauched morality”. The island's economy booms to such an extent that the French, Dutch and British establish consulates there.
Three of the greatest pirates will operate in the Cyclades, leaving an indelible mark on the Aegean: Ioannis Kapsis who conquers Milos and crowns himself as its king, Giovanni de lo Cavo who liberates Anafi and guarantees the safety of its inhabitants, and Stathis Romanos Manetas whose dramatic story was immortalized in song, keeping his memory alive to this day.

The Papafragas cave is one of the most characteristic sites of Milos. "Pirates of the Aegean" travelled to the island which used to be the commercial hub of the Cyclades, as it was the place where pirates distributed their booty
Image of a beach in Milos, the island where pirates Ioannis Kapsis and Stathis Romanos Manetas operated

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