Lawo: Software Upgrade for Radio Products!

Lawo, manufacturer of IP-based audio and video products, announces a software update for users of Lawo radio mixing consoles, Power Core mixing engines, and On-Air Designer configuration software.

The new radio software, Release 7.0, applies to Lawo’s brand-new diamond broadcast mixing console, Power Core mixing engine, and Lawo VisTool GUI screen-builder software. Broadcasters with ruby, sapphire and crystal mixing consoles and legacy Nova17 / Nova29 routers can also upgrade.

This release coincides with the release of diamond, Lawo’s newest mixing console for radio on-air, production, MCR, remote-control and OB applications. A full-featured broadcast mixer that boasts advanced features such as personalized workflows that can be set, saved and recalled from any studio in the networked facility, high-resolution fader displays, context-sensitive controls that indicate function using RGB color backlights, and the stunning Virtual Extension option that integrates HD touchscreens directly into the mixing surface to provide seamless, customizable visual controls.

Lawo Radio software 7.0 updates On-Air Designer, the configuration software used to program the functions of Lawo radio mixing consoles and audio cores, with support for the new diamond mixer, allowing the programming and recall of saved parameters and settings including motorized fader settings, programmable context-sensitive user keys, select source icons to be shown on diamond’s fader-adjacent displays, and also to configure support for the new diamond Virtual Extension modules.

Release 7.0 also introduces a new graphical look, incorporating elements from Lawo’s new LUX design system into the diamond GUI, and within VisTool (the screen builder software used to construct customized touchscreen-capable control environments for broadcast studios). Another important part of the upgrade makes it possible for VisTool to be an Ember+ provider, adding control of routing matrices via Ember+ as an integral part of its control suite.

“We are very proud of the fact that the Lawo radio development team are highly skilled engineers with personal roots in on-air radio broadcasting,” says Johan Boqvist, Senior Product Manager, Radio. “The constant improvement to our Radio software is based not only on our own experience in the field, but from our clients and partners worldwide. Our team loves collaborating with Lawo users — it ensures they receive the best possible tools, workflows, and experiences from our products!”

In addition to the major new features already mentioned, numerous other improvements and fixes have been added, including the ability to define up to 32 Aux busses for diamond consoles, improved substitution workflows, DMS control for VCAs, and high-granularity EQ for use in production and TV master-control environments.

Lawo radio software Release 7.0 is available for download now; customers can find the release notes and download the software by visiting and clicking the “Download-Center” button.

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Notes: Press Release - Lawo - Rastatt, April 14, 2022