Ematiza Digital trust AEQ technology to equip Spanish Jucal Radio.

AEQ CAPITOL audio mixer was installed in this local station of La Puebla de Alfindén and also incorporated the AEQ Phoenix console and codecs for outdoor broadcasting.

La Puebla de Alfindén is a municipality in Spain in the autonomous community of Aragon. It belongs to the province of Zaragoza and has a population of over 6000 population. Jucal Radio, which broadcasts on 107.9 FM, is the municipal radio station of La Puebla de Alfindén and its programming is mainly developed by volunteers. This is what they say about it:

«Radio is information, entertainment, emotion, dream and communication. You bring a face to the voice, you develop your imagination, and it informs you, envelops you on dark nights and cheers you up on sad days. At Jucal Radio we have sports, news, music, training, educational, cultural and political programmes. Municipal radio is another element of expression and communication with others. This is a plural radio, by all and for all, without exceptions».

AEQ is proud to provide its technology in this type of participative, dynamic and integrating projects at the service of the population of a territory, whether at a local, national or international level.

The town council of La Puebla de Alfindén in Spain, province of Zaragoza, has upgraded its municipal public radio station Jucal Radio and has chosen the AEQ CAPITOL digital console as the core element.

This adaptation substantially improves the audio quality by allowing a fully customised channel equalisation. At the same time, it improves usability and allows the sound technician not only to improve the signal processes in the control, by means of the internal matrices, but also opens up infinite possibilities with remote operation from the VIRTUAL CAPITOL application, which makes total control of the console possible from any location.

The installation has been complemented with mobile equipment to broadcast on location with quality and flexibility, consisting of a portable AEQ PHOENIX ALIO codec, very intuitive and ideal for travelling to any place where there is something to report, and an AEQ PHOENIX MERCURY encoder integrated in the studios. Both audiocodecs can be controlled remotely.

This extra equipment connects via 3G and 4G networks and allows reporting from any territory, as well as sports, cultural broadcasts, discussions and any other event. Live programmes without the need for a technician to control the station open up the possibility of bringing radio closer to listeners in a simple and unattended way.

The design and execution of the project, including engineering, installation, configuration, commissioning and training, has been carried out by the regional integrator Ematiza Digital S.L., a company which «It works every day to humanise technology tools, integrating spaces in such a way that audiovisual communication is accessible and effective. With more than twenty years of technical experience, Ematiza wants to contribute to the development of the main projects in its region and become a specialised reference in the field of audiovisual technology».

From AEQ we would like to thank Ematiza Digital and Jucal Radio for their trust in our products, and we hope they enjoy them for many years to come.

For more information about Jucal Radio, please visit https://jucalradio.com/

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Notes: Press Release - AEQ - 06/10/2021