South African Radio Barbeton relies on AEQ technology for its new broadcast studio.

MDDA collaborates with radio BARBERTON to select the digital console AEQ Forum IP as the heart of the system.

Radio Barberton also known as BCR is a community radio station broadcasting on the stereo frequency 104.1FM to the province of Mpumalanga, in particular to the areas of Barberton, Mbombela Nelspruit, Whiteriver, Watervalboven and  Machadorp , although the  coverage also reaches Badplaas and Sabie near the border with Mozambique. Since its inception radio Barberton has been working alongside the communities it serves to develop, produce and broadcast quality programmes that aim to educate and uplift listeners. The station attracts talent from the community and features a wide range of regional and international content with a true local flavor.

In response to its important social work, the South African Media Diversity Development Agency (MDDA) has collaborated with Radio Barberton by providing a complete new broadcast studio, for which the company's technical management has selected,  as the heart of the system, the AEQ FORUM digital mixer.

AEQ FORUM IP is a mixer designed for ONAIR emission control. It incorporates all the basic features necessary in this type of environment: automatic cutting of monitors, cough cut, fader-start, control signaling, signals for the automation of external equipment, management of external communications, intercom, etc. With modular design and small size AEQ FORUM IP adapts perfectly to different scenarios: self-control, control-studio, television production control, sound production, mixed configurations, integration in large installations, etc.

The BCR installation is completed with an AEQ SYSTEL-IP broadcast and multiconference telephone system, and a complete AEQ AudioPLUS automation software. The basic need for automation in radio stations involves sound management, scheduling and storage.

AudioPLUS is an advanced automation, management and broadcasting system for professional broadcasting, consisting of a set of applications and services that provide the necessary tools to perform any usual work in a radio station, as well as a series of audio storage, editing and broadcast works in television stations.

The entire project has been led by the technical services of Buck Broadcast, local partner of AEQ in the country, in coordination with the start-up staff of AEQ Madrid, working with a remote connection to the equipment through the Internet.

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Notes: Press Release - AEQ - 18/05/2023