Archiware announces free VMware® Backup Software.

Archiware GmbH, leading manufacturer of data management software specializing in data backup and archive, releases version 2.0 of state-of-the-art Archiware Pure VMware® Backup with a free, unlimited software license. Professional support is available for an introductory price of just 99.- EUR/USD.

Munich, June 19, 2019 - Archiware Pure VMware® Backup is the latest addition to Archiware’s portfolio of high-quality software products for data management and security. The versatility of Archiware Pure is now reflected in the supported operating systems: as of version 2.0, it is certified to run on devices by leading NAS manufacturers Synology, QNAP and NETGEAR and available from their respective application stores for direct download and simple installation. Additionally, the
Archiware Pure website offers a Linux application and a Virtual Appliance.

Focussing on innovation, reliability and ease of use, Archiware Pure can be installed in 5 minutes. Setup and monitoring in the lean, browser-based administration interface do not require in-depth technical knowledge, making secure VMware® backups a manageable task even for smaller organizations. Based on Changed Block Tracking (CBT) technology, Archiware Pure only backs up the actual changed data within the VM, optimizing backup speeds and minimizing data transfer and therefore strain on IT resources.

“We are thrilled to introduce the new, free Pure 2.0 to the market today,” says Josef Doods, CEO of Archiware. “Virtual Machines are the backbone of so many organizations, and they hold immense amounts of business-critical data. This is why reliable backups and simple restore of VMs, or even just single files, is absolutely crucial. Archiware Pure makes secure VMware® backups simple and affordable for everyone.”

Archiware Pure 2.0 is available now from with a free, unlimited license – no cap on the number of VMs or size of the backup repository. For professional environments, the optional 12-month Support Package offers additional security, at an introductory price of 99.- EUR/USD (expires December 31,2019. Regular price: 199.- EUR/USD).

For a quick introduction, watch the 5-minute product overview on:

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Notes: Press Release - Archiware - Munich, June 19, 2019