CyanView, Panasonic Collaboration Yields Exciting Outcome for Sub-$10K Digital Cinema Cameras.

Panasonic EVA1 now benefits from full remote controllability.

Papignies, Belgium—28 March 2019 - CyanView today announced the results of a collaboration with Panasonic that has resulted an exciting development in the market for sub-$10K digital cinema cameras: full remote controllability, using CyanView’s innovative Cy-RCP remote control panel.

“Compact digital cinema cameras have seen an increased demand for multi-camera live or near-live production,” said David Bourgeois, founder and CEO of CyanView. “The sub-$10k range of cameras is ideal for shows such as concerts - but so far, the lack of true multicam control solutions such as the ones provided for broadcast system cameras makes them difficult to use. Having the ability to remotely paint and match cameras allows a dedicated vision engineer to significantly enhance the quality of the final mix and removes the need for post-production. The benefits of near-live production compared with post-production are multiple - removing days or weeks of post-production is a huge cost saving advantage. Having the mix available for streaming live or ready to insert in the evening news programs is also a game-changer with today's need for immediacy.”

The collaboration with Panasonic was based on the recent 3.0 firmware upgrade for the EVA1 camera which provided support for a USB-LAN adapter, allowing IP control. This enabled EVA-LIVE multicam control with the advanced integration of CyanView’s Cy-RCP remote control panel.

“We’re seeing increasing demand for the EVA1 in multi-camera live shooting situations because of its great cinema look, high dynamic range and affordable 4K internal recording,” said Luc Bara, Cinema Product Manager for Panasonic System Communications Company Europe. “Because of the flexibility and richness of its protocol, the EVA1 allowed a very advanced integration with CyanView’s Cy-RCP, and now represents a very cost-effective solution for live shooting with full control of several cameras from a single Cy-RCP, with zero delay when switching.”

With the new EVA-LIVE solution, all features supported by the camera are now accessible remotely from the Cy-RCP. Primary corrections - such as white balance, black balance, black levels, master gain and gamma - can be adjusted directly. All exposure parameters are at the user’s fingertips: iris, dual native ISO gains, ND filters and shutter. Advanced corrections such as detail, detail frequency, coring, black gamma, knee, white clip, matrix and multi-matrix are all available from the Cy-RCP’s paint menus. Camera setup can also be handled remotely.

“We enjoyed working with Panasonic to help make the EVA1 a truly versatile camera that combines exceptional image quality with live broadcast features that no other compact digital cinema camera can offer,” continued Bourgeois. “CyanView's system is easily upgradable with the click of a button and future enhancements will continue to bring new features in the future.”

A single Cy- RCP can handle an unlimited number of cameras, including other cameras such as the full Panasonic PTZ range. Other workflows requiring one RCP per camera are also possible. Tally has been added on both sides. Synchronized record control is next to come, and will be showcased at NAB.

Also making its debut at NAB is the Cy-GWY-IO, a mini (little bigger than a matchbox) version of CyanView’s Cy-GWY gateway. It includes 16 x GPI for tally and touchdown, and enables an unlimited number of cameras to be connected. The Cy-GWY-IO provides a cost-effective solution for budget productions using the EVA1-Live or small standalone setups.

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Notes: Press Releases - CyanView - Papignies, Belgium - 28 March 2019