PROCAB: CPR compliant cable range.

Premium cable manufacturer PROCAB is introducing an extensive new range of CPR compliant cables. This range is designed to be used in applications where CPR classification is required to offer the safest possible solution to installed cabling.

The Construction Products Regulation (CPR) is an EU regulation for installation cables, classifying cables based on their fire performance. The standardisation is introduced to improve the fire safety in buildings as in case of a fire, most casualties are a result of the toxic smokes.

This new cable range will consist of loudspeaker, microphone, CAT6, CAT6A and even CAT7 types of cables, available in 100- and 300-meters variants keeping possible surpluses to an absolute minimum.

PROCAB extensively tested their tailored made cable range in the harshest environments on 3 criteria: Smoke concentration, burning droplets, acidity of the smoke. Because the outer jacket is flame retardant, it provides optimal resistance to spreading fire and therefore maximizes the overall safety of the construction.

Available Euroclass types include B2CA, CCA and DCA.

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Notes: Press Release – PROCAB