Matrox M264 Hardware Codec Cards Earn XAVC™ Validation for High-Density 4K Workflows.

Matrox M264 family of codec cards provide multi-channel 4K XAVC Intra and XAVC Long encoding/decoding support.

The Matrox M264 hardware codec cards deliver multi-channel 4K XAVC encoding and decoding support for PC-based platforms.

Montreal, Quebec - August 2019 - Matrox® Video today announces that its Matrox M264 family of H.264 hardware codec cards has successfully completed the official XAVC verification program by Sony Imaging Products & Solutions Inc. ("Sony"). As the leading multi-channel 4K XAVC solution for PC-based platforms, Matrox M264 cards are capable of supporting up to four 4K60p streams of XAVC Intra and XAVC Long encoding/decoding from a single-slot card. Through this new XAVC capability, OEMs can now deliver a wide range of high-density, 4K XAVC validated solutions—including replay systems, ingest servers, playout servers, character generators, and more.

Industry-leading encoding and decoding density

Designed specifically for high-density 4K workflows, M264 codec cards provide H.264-based encoding/decoding (Baseline Profile to High 10 Intra Profile up to Level 5.2), as well as XAVC-validated presets. Capable of encoding/decoding up to four 4K50/60p streams of XAVC 4K Intra Class 300/480 and XAVC 4K Long 4:2:2 in real-time with zero CPU usage, these cards easily surpass the capabilities of even the highest-end multi-socket PCs, which struggle to support just one real-time encode. Matrox M264 cards can also encode/decode up to 40 streams of HD XAVC Class 100 or XAVC Long 25/50 at 4:2:2 10-bit, or 64 streams of HD at 4:2:0 8-bit, with ultra-low-power consumption, in the smallest footprint.

Rapid development

The Matrox M264 family of codec cards is supported by the field-proven Matrox DSX software development kit (SDK). The Matrox DSX SDK boasts an extensive set of powerful media-processing modules—including file input/output (I/O), software codecs, and CPU effects—for rapid application and system development. Matrox M264 cards also provide plug-ins for H.264 transcode acceleration within the FFMPEG framework.

“Matrox has been a longtime supporter of Sony’s XAVC format, and we are excited to officially recognize the ground-breaking Matrox M264 cards in our XAVC verification program,” says Jin Yamashita, General Manager, Media Solution Business Division, Sony Imaging Products & Solutions, Inc. “The Matrox M264 cards now give third-parties a premier multi-channel option to readily encode/decode various XAVC streams to easily achieve high-density 4K workflows.”

“Matrox is thrilled that the Matrox M264 cards have been validated and verified for XAVC deployments,” says Alberto Cieri, senior director of sales and marketing, Matrox Video. “In collaboration with industry leaders like Sony, Matrox is committed to making all new, existing, and emerging 4K workflows as easy as possible.”

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Notes: Press Release - Matrox Video - Montreal, Quebec - August 2019