Leader to demonstrate Software-Based Live Cloud Video Flow Measurement and Analysis.

Leader Instruments Corporation will demonstrate software-based live cloud video flow monitoring at the April 16th-19th NAB Show in Las Vegas. This system provides the resources needed to measure and analyze uncompressed live video being transmitted through the cloud. See Leader Instruments on Booth C4920 at NAB 2023.

Applications of the new solution include monitoring of studio to viewer internet channel streams and IP-connected links from remote broadcast trucks. Both examples are typically sent via virtual private cloud within third-party internet feeds such Amazon Web Services’ Cloud Digital Interface (AWS CDI). The system is compatible with AWS CDI and NewTek’s Network Digital Interface (NDI).

Features include picture display (PID, TC and ANC summaries), waveform and vector displays, format display, and flow table display. SCTE104 analysis, CC708 analysis, path delay measurement and bitrate measurement can also be viewed via the software’s graphic control screen. Each display shows all information relevant to the selected category including the selected input channel, stream ID, payload type, interface protocol, and timeline-correlated charts. Multiple source images such as color bars can be selected and compared. Operators can switch quickly and easily between the various parameters. Data is displayed on a low-glare background supporting easy operation throughout a long production session.

Applications of the new solution will be demonstrated as a technical concept on Leader’s Central Hall booth, C4920.

Info: www.leader.co.jp/en & Bon Studio *
* Distributor for Hellas

Notes: Press Release - Leader Electronics Corporation - Fort Lee, NJ, April 5th, 2023