EMG Chooses Leader LV7300 Multiscreen Rasterizers for New Mobile Production Vehicles.

EMG, a globally active provider of broadcast services for sports and live events as well as studio-based production, has chosen Leader multiscreen rasterizerizing waveform monitors for integration into three new OB vehicles. A total of 16 LV7300 rasterizers, supplied by Leader channel partner Thameside.TV, will be used for master reference during live transmissions and related post-production.

Exterior view of the NOVA 119 OB vehicle

"Leader test instruments have been our preferred choice for nearly 10 years," says Paul Francis, Director of Engineering. "They have proved consistently reliable, accurate and operator friendly. Many of the projects we work on are very large scale with feeds sometimes exceeding 100 cameras. Precise and repeatable monitoring of video signal flow is vital to ensure accurate matching of camera channels. The LV7300 rasterizers also ensure that we maintain the full available video and audio dynamic range from source right through to output.”

"The rasterizers are connected to large-screen monitors which allow easy inspection of displayed detail. The LV7300 has a similar menu structure to Leader instruments in our other OB vehicles so operators can move freely between them. Multiple display tools can be combined in a single screen view to allow easy side-by-side comparison of related parameters or channels."

"Leader products like the LV7300 are providing production companies with simple and elegant test and measurement solutions that allow them to monitor and analyze multiple camera sources easily and efficiently," adds Kevin Salvidge, Sales Engineering & Technical Marketing Manager at Leader Europe. "They also allow easy upgrade from HD to UHD and SDR to HDR if or when required."

"Leader test instruments continue to live up to their reputation as the Swiss Army knives of the broadcast video and audio production industry," adds Thameside.tv Sales Manager Chris Margrave-Gregory. "The LV7300 incorporates a versatile selection of inspection resources into its compact footprint while still maintaining Leader's hallmark robust build quality. All 16 instruments can be upgraded to 4K and HDR at any time in the future via Leader's ZEN-series software unlocking path."

Leader LV7300 rasterizers come in a compact 1U half-rack footprint. They provide signal generation plus a wide range of measurement tools and support SDI signals from SD through 12G. Waveform, vector, picture, audio, and SD-SDI to 12G-SDI eye-pattern displays enable comprehensive measurement and quality control of a wide range of audio and video formats. Measurement tools also include phase comparison, five-bar gamut display. A focus detection algorithm can be implemented to ensure precise camera adjustment when working with low-contrast source where traditional focus is difficult.

Detected errors captured on the LV7300's status display can be registered using event logs and long-term charts. SDI-embedded audio can be viewed as Lissajous waveforms as well as bargraphs. Also included in the instrument are Leader's CINELITE and CINEZONE. CINELITE offers in-picture measurement of RGB, luminance and f-stop levels, allowing real-time inspection of brightness and exposure levels. F-stop-based evaluation enables an operator to respond quickly to variations in lighting level. CINEZONE overlays false colors on the image to determine exposure zones.

Controllable from the front panel, via mouse or touchscreen, the LV7300 can be powered from 10-18V DC, enabling it to be used in locations where mains electricity is not available, or via a power supply unit. Rear-panel ports include two SDI inputs (12G and 3G), two SDI outputs, SDI and HDMI monitor feeds, 75-ohm external reference loopthrough, Ethernet and multipin remote interfaces plus DC power input.

Info: www.leader.co.jp/en & www.emglive.com & www.thameside.tv & Bon Studio *
* Distributor for Hellas

Notes: Press Relese - Leader Electronics - London, UK, February 1st, 2023