IMμF 2023 13ο International Micro μ Festival - Call for Entries.

The International Micro μFestival announces the annual call for entries for the Greek and International Sections of IMμF 2023.

Alexis Xatzigiannis and George Aggelopoulos

The fifteen short films that are going to be selected for the contest part of the festival will be simultaneously screened in several Greek cities.

Results announcement from other Cities

The International Micro μFestival 2023 will include a series of different screenings and actions in all cities of this year’s Festival’s network. Aiming at highlighting and communicating  the short film genre to a wider audience, this year the IMμF team promise to lay the widest cinema screen of short films all over Europe.

Participants on the Competition of Student Section

For more information about the entry process as well as for downloading the application form and regulations please visit the  IMμF official website.
* In order to be considered as valid, applications must be sent until 7/25/2023.

Athens 2022, end of film screenings for the Competion Section

Under the Auspices of Ministry of Culture & Sports

Organizer: KATOPTRON


Notes: Press Release - International Micro μ Festival 2023 - April 26, 2023