AEQ continues to grow with year-on-year sales growth of 12%.

AEQ experienced a 12% growth in sales in 2023 which, accumulated with 27% in 2022, demonstrates the great strength of one of the Spanish companies in the sector with the greatest international projection.

The Spanish manufacturer of audio and communications equipment for radio and television started, coinciding with the pandemic, an ambitious development plan for the latest generation of equipment, such as TP9116, a high-end intercom user panel for matrixed systems with up to 1000 users; Xpeak, a matrix-free intercom system for remote production; Atrium, an audio mixing console for the most demanding applications; Talent and Venus 4, IP audiocodecs with very innovative features. In the last two years, these products have helped to widen the scope of use of our solutions, which has allowed us to gain market share based on new customers.

AEQ has also strengthened the equipment rental business line, especially intercom systems, commentary and audiocodecs, to meet the specific needs of companies that offer audio and communications systems for rent, or that take on the responsibility of holding events, and others that attend these events and therefore need to temporarily expand their equipment.

The evolution of the product development line at AEQ is moving towards new technologies that are emerging, which makes it easier to offer, day by day, solutions with better performance and that present a significant reduction in ownership and operating costs.

New markets

In order to provide an outlet for these capabilities, the company has expanded its sales force and technical support, which allows for greater proximity to markets with a great future for the company.

AEQ says that "a few years ago, the pandemic arrived. But experience tells us that nothing lasts forever, so we have continued to invest in expanding our product and market base, so that we are now in an ideal position to enhance our development".

After more than 40 years developing, manufacturing and marketing equipment, automation systems and production systems for radio, television and multimedia, the company now has offices in Barcelona, the United States, Mexico, Portugal and India, in addition to its headquarters in Madrid.

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Notes: Press Release - AEQ - 01/02/2024