SUPERMIX FM, equipped with AEQ CAPITOL IP digital console.

The radio broadcaster Supermix FM, with a mainly musical programming, has recently renovated its broadcasting studios in Murcia (Spain).

By Juan Pablo Magarian Solakian, Sound Engineer

Based on my experience over the years with AEQ's FORUM SPLIT and CAPITOL mixers for their performance, I suggested the option that best suited the station.

The needs of the studio that we have recently started up are more than covered by this mixer.

I love the AEQ mic preamps, you can use any low or high end microphone and it will sound great. The idea of putting the same control on the input and output of the compressor is great. It gives a lot of impact to the voice.

The EQ can be used to brighten up vocals and yet the desk is quite quiet, with a very good signal-to-noise ratio.

The sound of the console is crystal clear and has a spectacular loudness. We also used a TV screen on the wall for the screen to have a better view of the vumeters, auxiliary sends and MPX. It also allowed us to make more precise adjustments to the EQ and dynamics processes.

The built-in digital hybrid canceller works great and the fact that you can equalise and compress the phone gives it body and makes the call sound better on air. It also includes the frequency extender mode, typical of AEQ hybrids, which improves the sound quality.

I think that in terms of price-performance ratio at the moment there is nothing better on the market than AEQ's digital consoles. Their performance is spectacular.

Unlike other manufacturers in the market with digital mixers that tend to have a "colder" sound, AEQ's digital mixers provide a sound that is closer to the old school analogue sound. That when you turn up a fader on a studer 962 and say: "this sounds by itself...".

We also added an external sub-mixer, as this is a DJ'S themed station there is usually more than one mixing, so we sent the signal through the AES-EBU input and took the opportunity to use the limiter compressor, which due to its characteristic of having the input and output in a single volume control, gives a lot of impact to the line inputs in the same way that it acts on the microphone inputs, thus compensating the peaks and generating greater depth.

Knowing the director of the station Jorge Giovanny Cueva and being aware that he always bets for the best in sound quality, the best option has been installing the AEQ CAPITOL mixer, since the operators mentioned the ease of operation, its easy handling and above all its sound quality.

From left to right: Juan Pablo Magarian Solakian and Jorge Giovanny Cueva

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Notes: Press Release - AEQ - 08/11/2023