AEQ XPEAK Intercom has been present at the ceremony of Lula Da Silva's inauguration as president of Brazil.

The Brazilian production company Casablanca Online has broadcasted the event for the television channels Bandeirantes, Globo, EBC, the Presidential Palace and the Courthouse.

In 2022 AEQ presented XPEAK as an integrated solution for intercommunication in a wide range of operational areas, including remote production.

It is a matrix-free intercom system, based on audio over IP technology, designed especially for TV production, and optimised for remote productions as it has an option to locate other terminals in your system via the internet or a virtual network.

Among the first users, stands out the Brazilian production company Casablanca Online, which acquired a system composed of 10 Xpeak R user panels and a 4-line Xpeak IF interface to which they have added 3 AEQ TH02 double telephone hybrids, for remote intercommunication via mobile phone.

On 1 January 2023, the historic inauguration of Brazilian President Lula da Silva took place, and as in other major broadcasts, Casablanca OnLine was commissioned by Brazil's main private and state broadcasters to generate the signal by moving their mobile units to Brasilia.

On this occasion, Casablanca OnLine deployed its recently acquired AEQ Xpeak intercom in the Congress building and in its facilities in Sao Paulo, to coordinate the technical services with the production team in the studio, and the quality controls for delivery to the television stations receiving the signal.

The event went smoothly, with Xpeak demonstrating its flexibility to adapt to the complex workflows required for on-site production for different clients.

In addition to the Intercom system, Casablanca used its AEQ Olympia3 commentary positions to produce its own commentary for each of the TV stations that received the programme.

About Casablanca Online

It’s a Brazilian production company based in Sao Paulo that has mobile units equipped with mobile Uplink systems (SNGs and Flys). Casablanca Online offers the service of contribution via satellite, in which the signal can be uploaded from various points, either in Brazilian territory or anywhere in the South American cone. With a teleport located in the city of São Paulo, Casablanca Online can receive, monitor, insert graphics, narrate, record and distribute content via satellite and/or IP to any part of the world. It also has two studios for HD production, equipment to produce continuity signals and video on demand, among other services.

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Notes: Press Release - AEQ - 15/03/2023