TERRASSA TV installs an XPEAK Intercom to coordinate its TV, Radio and outside broadcast operations.

The system has been installed and configured with the support of the engineers of the integrator NRD MULTIMEDIA.

Terrassa is a city of more than 200,000 inhabitants, located about 30 km from Barcelona. The Societat Municipal de Comunicació de Terrassa, which depends on its City Council, has a multimedia portal, a television channel and a radio channel that work in coordination to offer citizens the closest information. Sharing information and generating common content to be disseminated by the three media is the objective of the team headed by the Technical Director Ricardo Revaliente and the Head of Technical Teams Wences Matarín.

The way of working with integrated multimedia production and optimisation of technical and human resources requires a great deal of coordination. An illuminating detail is that most of the television programming is carried out from the radio studio with a VMIX system.

With this objective in mind, to coordinate television, radio and the acquisition of live news and reports, the Societat Municipal de Comunicació de Terrassa has acquired an AEQ Xpeak intercom system. It is a matrix-free system, based on audio over IP technology, specially designed for TV production, and optimised for remote productions.

One Xpeak_R rack terminal has been installed in the TV studio Production Control and another in the Radio Broadcast Control.

Two Xpeak_BP wired beltpacks to coordinate the cameras on the TV set. Two wireless beltpacks with Xplorer WiFi technology ensure communication for producers moving around the set and throughout the production centre.

For external coordination, an Xpeak_IF interface allows the incorporation of up to 4 external circuits, analogue, USB or Dante. Two of these circuits are connected to an AEQ TH02 telephone hybrid, which allows access to the hands-free headsets of the mobile unit personnel or ENG teams via conventional telephony.

The system can grow up to 28 terminals and is configured with the same operational flexibility as large matrix systems, determining who speaks to whom and who listens to whom, so as to avoid distracting production or live broadcast tasks by receiving information directed to other participants.

Technicians are currently developing the system's operational capacity for more intensive outdoor use. In this sense, they tell us that, when an event requires massive and intense outdoor use, they plan to take the Xplorer WiFi terminals to the event and, by giving internet access to the access points, expand the coordination capacity in situ.

If you need information about Societat Municipal de Comunicació de Terrassa or its media terrassadigital.cat, Canal Terrassa TV, or 95.2 Ràdio Municipal de Terrassa, enter https://terrassadigital.cat

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Notes: Press Release - AEQ - 15/02/2023