Philippe Chapot: "Our goal is to have a strong and big Radio event in Europe to promote Radio and Digital Audio".

Our Technological Online Portal had the pleasure to discuss several important things with Philippe Chapot, Founder and Manager of Editions HF/Publication, Director of Lettre Pro de la Radio (daily news website and monthly magazine 100% for the radio industry) and Manager of the successful European Radio and Digital Audio Show.

Text: Andreas Tzanakos
Images: European Radio and Digital Audio Show Archive

This discussion provides a lot of insights about a very important event for the Radio Industry. Please give us a short biography of yours because it is good for our readers to know some basic things about you.

Philippe Chapot: After being consultant in Sweden for 3 years in Media and Sport, for the former Swedish Davis Cup team’s Captain, I am now the CEO of several French companies dedicated to the radio B2B business in a global media environment. I created and published a Professional Radio Directory and Guide founded in 1997 and started a Radio Letter on the web and online in 2011 about the Radio industry. I Launched the European Radio Show in 2003 which was French talking to start with and is now European since 3 years. What is the European Radio and Digital Audio Show? What about its history till now?

Philippe Chapot: It’s the biggest radio conference and exhibition. And one important thing, it’s free to access for professionals. We are the only one that gather 7.000 visitors, 130 exhibitors and 100 master classes and conferences about only our media; radio, podcast, digital audio, we talk about content, technical, monetization, strategy… all crafts within the business. Having in mind that there are several important events for Radio and Digital Audio in Europe and globally, why should the professionals of the Radio Industry visit the European Radio and Digital Audio Show 2019 in Paris? Which are the countries that will be the guest of honour of this three-day show?

Philippe Chapot: Featured countries are Spanish and Portuguese language countries. Well, our Show is during 3 days (24th, 25th and 26th of January 2019) and free. You can’t find anywhere else such a Show. RadioDays Europe is a great conference but does not talk about technique at all. IBC is only technical and does not have any conference about radio. So there is no other exhibition like us in the world. Free to access and 100 conferences free as well… Which is the language of the conference program? Can you also provide us with more details (dates, speakers, lectures and workshops titles and many more) about the full conference program of the European Radio Show 2019? What new it brings for the Radio Industry?

Philippe Chapot: This year we translate in English the main conference and the Masterclass. We are following all that happens within the industry thanks to our daily news website and magazine. We travel in mainly all events that talks about radio to know trends and to be able to choose the right content for the Show. I cannot give you the list yet as we will decide on the 14th of November 2018, at our press conference. Our goal is to have a strong and big Radio event in Europe to promote Radio and Digital Audio. And what about the exhibition part of this event? Please mention some details about the exhibitors of European Radio Show 2019 and the range of radio products and solutions attendees can find there.

Philippe Chapot: You can find it all. From antennas, to software, from recorders, to cloud studios, from cameras to microphone, from music to sales houses… we opened up many new areas in 2019. Where our readers can find more details about accommodation, transportation, registration, access and other important issues?

Philippe Chapot: Travel, accommodations are really simple and cheap. We are close the Charles De Gaulle and hotels are not more than 90€ around the Grande Halle de la Villette. Exhibitors and visitors said that we were the second most accessible show in Europe after IBC. All information is on the website ( with a special price with our hotel partner Mercure la Villette. If a company wants to take advantage of the opportunity to be an exhibitor or a sponsor of this show who should contact to? Can you provide some details about sponsorship in European Radio Show?

Philippe Chapot: We have many different sponsoring opportunities and visibilities. From badges, to bags given at the entrance, to the PARIS RADIO NIGHT on Thursday where 1,000 pros will be invited… all possibilities are on our website in the exhibitors’ area. Have you ever been in Greece? What do you know about the Greek Radio Industry and what is your message to the Greek professionals?

Philippe Chapot: Yes, I’ve been to Greece for the NAB European Radio Conference a long time ago together with Valerie Geller and Frank Lanoux from RMC. It was a great conference and I really love Greece… and Athens. We don’t really know a lot Greek radio market but we are really willing to get to know it better. If you need some speakers or some specialist in radio, digital radio and DAB+, I am your man. Knowing that we are talking to the right person can you share with us your thoughts about the future of Radio globally having in mind all the other media and several audio services?

Philippe Chapot: The spine of radio is hertzien. FM is today the only real business model that exists. Sure IP and online service are growing. But in all countries where Terrestrial digital started, Digital and online services did not increase and in some countries it even decreased … It does not mean you don’t need to be on IP and online. Hybrid is the way. But do not forget that Hertzien (FM or DAB+) is and will stay free for listeners and anonymous… with the GPRD and security on the net, we don’t want radio people to depend on GAFA’s or internet service providers that can close your PORT where you stream your radio when they want. It’s also keeping independence. And in case of earthquake or strong weather conditions, the fastest to come up to inform is FM or DAB+ hertzien radio. What is your opinion about DAB+ and Digital FM (DRM)? What are the first results from DAB+ trials in France? Are you optimistic? Can you provide us some details about the Radio Industry in France?

Philippe Chapot: France is not in trials any more. We have 5 cities on air in DAB+ and soon 20. A call for tender for a national multiplex is pending and all big private radios are going to start DAB+. Answer is for the 21st of November. DAB+ is broadly used in Europe and there is now no way back for countries like Germany, UK, Switzerland, Belgium, Australia, Norway (no FM anymore) or even Netherlands… we are more than optimistic about DAB+. It’s a chance for us and for the industry to have this opportunity of digitalization… we are the last media not digitized… it’s time to do it all. In France we have 1,200 stations on 6,000 frequencies. No place any more. The industry is strong and all radio people are passionate about this medium. Many software editors are French and many manufacturers as well. So it’s a strong industry reason why we all wish to have a strong radio event in Europe. I wish you all the best for the European Radio and Digital Audio Show 2019 and I am pretty sure that it will be great success.

Philippe Chapot: We are really happy to have you as partner and to feel that media around Europe are considering the European Radio Show as their show. So you will always be welcome at our Show, you, the radio stations, the manufacturers and the service providers and off course the authorities of your country.