Egripment Camera Support Presents their new “SMART” Digital Line of Camera Support Equipment for the first time at the IBC Show 2022.

Come spot them from a distance at the Egripment booth during IBC 11.C08.

Philippe Tresfon, CEO for Egripment

Egripment Support Systems, manufacturer of high-end camera support systems and remote broadcast solutions for the film and broadcast industries, will be showcasing several new Robotic system. This year will be even more mind blowing than the year before, says Philippe Tresfon, CEO for Egripment. Our latest state of the art Products and Robotic solutions, are easy in use and have a new user-friendly interface.

#DigiLite Robotic System

Egripment 205 Head with GV LDX Cam
Egripment 301 Remote Head
Egripment 306D (hanging)

Egripment is proud to introduce a new digital eco system into its Remote Systems product line. The name for this new ecosystem is ‘DigiLite’ and gets his name from being a very simple to operate digital system.

With the introduction of the DigiLite system, Egripment is stepping into the easy-to-use robotics systems in the field. The combination of a quick set up, easy cabling, simple UI and remote IP control is one that is unrivaled.

Egripment multi joystick controller

Operating the new DigiLite system can done using a single joystick (or Panbar) or connecting multiple remote heads together to be controlled by a multi joystick. The new multi joystick controller can control 8 Digital Remote Heads with 8 presets simultaneously by a single operator. The operator can quickly and easily choose between different heads connected to the same controller. As you may expect from Egripment in our fast-changing industry, we have also picked up existing and new features to the new DigiLite system. There are pairing buttons on the heads and joysticks enabling the head and joystick to automatically find each other in the network. This allows for very easy set up and operation by anyone in the field, from camera guys to camera assistants.

As for cabling and signal output, you can use the sip trunk of the new broadcast cameras to hitchhike on fiber. The data signal from the remote head enters the sip trunk of the camera and exits at the base station near the OB truck.

Egripment Joystick

The remote products using the new DigiLite ecosystem are an excellent choice for (sports) events, rebuild studios and location shootings.

#StarCam Complete Towercam Series

Egripment StarCam 10m

The new Egripment StarCam XL is the latest addition of its kind to the Egripment StarCam Tower product line. Evolutionary improvements and based on the classic StarCam System with the possibly to set up and use the column either upright or hanging – all in one unit.

The all new StarCam XL now has increased payloads up to 60 kg | 132 lbs when used hanging and up to 75kg | 165 lbs in standard upright operation. All while still fulfilling the strongest safety demands you may expect from Egripment.

Egripment StarCam hanging

The complete Starcam series can easily be operated by joystick or foot pedal. Egripment’s StarCam series is very easy and quick to set up in every location, no matter if mounted upright on its base using a floor cross, a platform dolly, or hanging upside down from the ceiling. The StarCam can simply be used at almost any position. Optional accessories like bazooka extensions, low mode remote brackets and the Egripment encoder package in combination with the Tracking Interface for Virtual Studios and Augmented Reality complete the StarCam Series.

Egripment StarCam standing

With the addition of the StarCam XL we now have the following versions available.

Starcam Studio:     90cm - 160cm
Starcam S:    110cm - 280cm
Starcam MKII:    180cm - 500cm
Starcam XL:    225cm – 1000cm

Come spot them from a distance at the Egripment booth during IBC 11.C08.

# MiniJib Small & Large

Egripment MiniJib front
Egripment MiniJib Short

Egripment evolves their MiniJib products into manually telescopic Jibs for more functionality. The "new" Mini Jib Short and the "new" Mini Jib Long offers multiple arm lengths into just one jib.

Remember the Egripment JanJib F75 and the JanJib F120? The Mini Jib Short combines both systems into one telescopic jib arm. The Mini Jib Short offers a telescopic length of 75 cm/2,5 ft up to 120 cm/4 ft with 8 lengths in between. It's bigger brother, the MiniJib Long, offers a longer telescopic length with a minimum of 170cm/5.5ft up to 250cm/8.2ft on its maximum length.

MiniJib on a dolly

Whether it’s the MiniJib Short or -Long you're after, the arm of the new Mini Jib is strong and lightweight. Coming short? Or in need of the other MiniJib arm? With just a few screws you can take out the arm of the trunnion and replace it with the arm of the longer MiniJib.

Egripment MiniJib

Both MiniJib versions can also be configured using a remote setup. The combination of the MiniJib with our 301 or 205 Remote Head and its controls at the back of the crane, allow for ideal small spaces where the position and movements of the camera is limited.

Egripment MiniJib telescope

The NEW MiniJib series combines all our recent Jan jibs!

Load capacity of 45 kg.
Length Short 75cm – 120cm
Length Long 170cm – 250cm

#HotHead 3

Egripment HotHead 3

The World Leader of Remote Heads has a new version, the “HOTHEAD 3”. To support the most creative and innovative minds in the film and television industries, Egripment has, once again, risen to the occasion by proudly unveiling ‘The Natural Progression’. The HotHead is Egripment's top of the range remotely controlled pan and tilt head. This head gives the camera operator complete remote control of all functions of film- and TV cameras.

This total control offers directors, producers and cinematographers unique flexibility that satisfies the most demanding audiences. Egripment remote heads are all part of our modular DigiLite systems. The HotHead, 306-, 301- and 205- Remote Head can all be controlled using the same command controller and IP cabling system.

Following a logical progression in the Egripment line of remote camera heads, the NEW HotHead 3 is “also” designed to support the largest HD studio or portable cameras together with any combination of lenses and accessories, up to a maximum load capacity of 60 kgs (132lbs).

Some specs: Crosswise slidable, and detachable, camera mounting plate, easy adjust camera nodal height, slidable tilt and pan unit.

The HotHead 3 is ideal for events, such as Sports (Golf, Marathon, Cricket, Baseball, American Football, Soccer, etc) Concerts, Mass, Parades, etc where large studio cameras are being utilized for broadcasts. Especially nowadays combining the large studio camera and lenses together with our smaller 306 Remote Head with smaller lenses. Based on the World’s most famous Remote Head, Egripment’s HotHead II, in combination with a completely new design, the HotHead 3 gives the operator the smoothest broadcast quality movement and stability at all times, with even the heaviest HD cameras and lenses now being utilized in the broadcast Industry. The limit switches in the pan and tilt sections provide the operator complete safety to limit the pan and tilt movement of the HotHead 3. Egripment’s limit switches ensure that cables will not get snagged, and the camera and lens will not be damaged by hitting walls or other structures.

The HotHead 3 is being part of our remote head line, you can now combine the bigger lenses on the HotHead 3 with the smaller broadcast lenses on the other Egripment remote head models. This allows for a complete remote production from 1 joystick control!

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Notes: Press Release - Egripment Camera Support Systems - August 2022