Mobile Viewpoint at NAB 2019 (Central Hall, Booth C3307).

At NAB 2019 (April 8 – 11, Las Vegas Central Hall, Booth C3307) Mobile Viewpoint will celebrate the success of all IP, AI-featured automated remote production with the launch of the Agile Airlink 4CK supporting both 4K and 4 SDI inputs enabling multicamera remote production from a motorcycle or race car. Next to the Agile AirLink 4CK, we will be launching a new suite of pocket-sized bonding units at NAB; BaseLink 2.0, DataLink and TerraLink Mini-M.

March 29th, 2019 - Our new range of bonding solutions supports broadcasters and content producers of all sizes, ensuring they have the connections, and the underlying technology, that supports the delivery of live content—making sure. We will also be demonstrating our AI-driven live production solutions—IQ Sports Producer and VPilot.
Interested in meeting us at NAB? We’re expecting a lot of traffic at the booth so we strongly recommend that you book your NAB meeting ahead of the show. We are looking forward to seeing you!


Agile AirLink 4CK
At NAB we will show the Agile AirLink 4CK, our most powerful portable mobile transmitter. The AirLink 4CK is available with 4 SDI inputs and is capable of delivering Ultra HD video and 4 video streams from the field using bonding technology. It is therefore a broadcast equivalent of a modern OB van. Next to its 4K-abilities, the AirLink 4CK has 4 synchronized inputs for remote production and flexibility, as well as support for both H.265 and H.264 encoding, which ensures total end-to-end compliancy using standard based decoders. With its ultrathin design it will fit easily onto the back of a camera or in a backpack.  

BaseLink 2.0

BaseLink 2.0 is our new compact uplink solution for transmitting live video from any location. It supports H.265 and H.264 encoding and transmits live video up to 1080p60—delivering a fast, high quality video experience. It has four integrated 4G modems (which can be upgraded to support six 4G modems), as well as WiFi and ethernet connections and is small enough to fit onto the back of a camera. With BaseLink 2.0, you can also use QR scanning functionality to add additional information to the video files, outside of the file name—such as project name, production title, camera number and location.

TerraLink Mini-M
With integrated, ethernet, WiFi and external USB modems, TerraLink Mini-M supports the transmission of live video. It bridges the gap between a laptop and a full-size bonding encoder, and can be used either as a backup solution, or as a standalone encoder as part of a BGAN or HDR package. The unit has two modems to support 3G, 4G and 5G cellular connections, as well as an internal, removable battery unit.


DataLink is a portable internet hotspot, giving broadcasters and content producers a high bandwidth internet connection anywhere in the world. Supporting up to 200Mbit of data bonding, as well as four mobile networks—including LAN and WiFi—via its built-in modems, DataLink uses the bonded bandwidth of all available IP connections simultaneously to provide enormous upload speeds.
Would you like more information about our DataLink, please click here.

Νέες Δυνατότητες

Live On Demand

For some time now Mobile Viewpoint enables customers to add overlays and insert advertisements on their live channels. However, it was not possible to stream this content to social media due to understandable regulations. Together with big streaming platforms like Akamai, Azure and Amazon AWS, MobileViewpoint offers a new streaming service - Live On Demand. With Live On Demand, customers can publish any content, without the fear of being cut off, using our intuitive drag and drop LinkMatrix user interface. It works the same as publishing on social media and with the embedded URL supplied, you go live using our player enabling statistics, but also the control of data usage. Due to this new streaming service it is now possible to get more out of your social media efforts. Via our prepaid platform no monthly fees are required. We will inform you in time when you need to top up.

Full intercom on the AirLink
AirLink models supplied as of NAB will support two full intercoms. This hardware upgrade is also available on existing units but requires a hardware update. Please contact our sales department for an estimate and procedure.

Playout of files to social media using the LinkMix
As of the end of April, the LinkMix will support the timed playout of files. This will enable broadcasters and streamers to automatically switch between live sources and files and also feed social media with pre-recorded content on demand.  

AI-driven live production solutions

Join the live demonstration of IQ Sports Producer and VPilot at NAB!

IQ Sports Producer

is an all-in-one live production and streaming solution designed especially for sports that removes the need for camera and production facilities, and uses AI-enabled cameras to track players, balls or other objects during a live match or game.
IQ Sports producer has been upgraded with extra AI-enabled cameras, which cover more of a pitch or playing field to provide better coverage and a better viewing experience, closer to a standard multicamera production. The system by default support IP cameras but is now also available with SDI-inputs supporting multiple 4K cameras at 60 FPS. At NAB, we will be showcasing the technology with a live ball tracking demonstration.


is a suite of AI-powered live production solution, which uses artificial intelligence to automate live production. VPilot uses a mix of static and PTZ cameras in combination with a control box, which incorporates an Autopointer and Virtual Director software. VPilot will make it possible to do live production in a studio and on location with a smaller crew using the combination of image and voice recognition. In the default configuration, VPilot support 7 SDI/camera inputs, automatic overlays based on image and voice recognition and up to 30 Audio channels based on Ravenna/AES67/Dante. 

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Notes: Announcement - Mobile Viewpoint - March 29th, 2019