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RT Software has announced the full release of its leading sports broadcast telestrator Tactic v7.0, to be revealed at IBC 2023 in Amsterdam. RT Software will be showing it on stand 7.B18.

Tactic has already impressed users with its AI enhancements which greatly accelerate the production of stunning sports analysis sequences used in half/full time and magazine shows. Tactic v7.0 builds on its proven success in AI for automatic pitch calibration and player tracking, and adds AI Player Drag and Infill.

AI Player Drag and Infill lets users select a player and drag them to a new position perhaps to illustrate where a different tactical approach could have been used to gain an advantage. Although this could be done manually, it was quite laborious to achieve. As anyone who has ever tried to manually touch up a photo can attest, it’s easy to make the end result look unconvincing. This is where Tactic’s strength lies. The AI can cut out the player, assess the surrounding areas around the empty gap and do a convincing job of filling in the gap. It will even extend any white lines from the surrounding pitch into the new empty space. Significantly, it also happens in a fraction of the time of manual methods, therefore both increasing accuracy and giving more time back to the user to invest in more insightful game analytics.

Tactic v7.0 now also includes women players. This was made available as a pre-release for customers wanting to use Tactic for the FIFA Women’s World Cup, and now makes it into the full v7.0 release. Virtual players can be found in the virtual stadium part of the product, which allows the audience to see the pitch from the perspective of any of the players on the pitch.

The virtual stadium itself has also been updated with a huge range of new options to allow every stadium to be more accurately represented and to offer virtual sponsorship opportunities for broadcasters.

The quick turnaround of analysis sequences is further enhanced by allowing live ingest files or camera feeds to be worked on and output without interrupting the recordings. This is yet another feature focussed on accelerating the user’s productivity.

For live presenters using a tablet or large touchscreen to control the presentation, an improved Playlists area makes clip recall and playout much easier.

Visitors to IBC will be able to try Tactic and its AI features for themselves and see how much their existing workflows could be accelerated and given greatly improved accuracy.

Mike Fredriksen, RT Software Commercial Director says: “For any sports broadcasters who have not yet tried Tactic and would like to, please get in touch. We would be delighted to explain why our AI powered sports analysis will be a game changer compared to their current telestration system. By using AI we can truly accelerate the laborious parts of sequence creation and allow users to invest more of their precious time in creating a more insightful analysis. We call this Next Gen Analysis®, because this is a step change from the very manual ways of previous generation systems. Free trials are available at any time, just email direct to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or use the form on our website.”

As with previous releases of Tactic, the AI functionality makes substantial use of technology built into the NVIDIA RTX™ range of professional GPUs. For a behind the scenes look at how these technologies are implemented and deliver results for users, take a look at the NVIDIA Solution Showcase

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Notes: Press Release - RT Software - London, UK. September 2023