For the love of sport - NewTek 3Play 3P2 offers new game-changing features for fans.

3Play 3P2 is now chock full of crowd-pleasing new and improved features that put user and viewer experience at the forefront of every sporting moment.

San Antonio, TX. July 13th, 2023 - NewTek, the leader in IP-based video technology and part of the Vizrt Group, through deep research and collaboration with the all-important operators on the front line of sports production, introduce today a revitalized 3Play 3P2.

The updates, which are available for free to all existing 3Play 3P2 users, and will be available with every new 3Play 3P2, are centered entirely around delivering an easier and better experience for the operators and users, helping them bring the sports we love, alive.

"A key part of developing products over time is ensuring that you listen to the people that use it day in and day out. We have done that, working closely with operators to understand what really matters to them. We’re very proud to have introduced a raft of features that do exactly that – for free – to existing and new 3Play 3P2 units. We’ve been sure to focus on speed, efficiency, and usability – all the while ensuring the viewer experience is better than ever.” comments Chris McLendon, Senior Product Manager, NewTek.

Replay. Better.

Capturing key moments and replaying winning goals or point-scoring plays during half-time is what sports fans live for. Offering fully customizable tagging workspaces to instantly create playlists, including the ability to change styles and sizes, 3Play 3P2 makes it easier than ever.

Work. Better.

Speed is everything – no more navigating through complex menus. 3Play 3P2 now offers operators the ability to design their own workspaces and access what they need faster than ever before. Drag and drop menus, turn elements on or off as needed, and even move them to touchscreens to give operators the ultimate flexibility of working.

Quality. Better.

Making it easier to work across teams, 3Play 3P2 supports sharing clips, resources, and playlists between any 3Play 3P2 units on your network. This means efficient, speedy access to common content and consistency of output, and greater production value.

Seeing and hearing is believing too – 3Play 3P2 now empowers users to view, define and reshuffle all audio inputs alongside managing which channels route to which output during the recording as well as create individual audio output streams for NDI®, Dante, or any unique audio workflow configuration.

Availability & Pricing

The all-new features in 3Play 3P2 are available for existing users to download from and will be available with every new 3Play 3P2 – MSRP USD26,995.

A limited-time offer is also available for any owners of 3Play 3P1, 4800, 440, and 425 models – trade in these units and purchase a 3Play 3P2 and we will double the trade-in value for your older product.

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Notes: Press Release - NewTek - San Antonio, TX. July 13th, 2023