ETC introduces Eos Augment3d room-scanning app.

With visualization software and tools like ETC’s Augment3d 3D programming environment, digital models play an increasingly integral part in lighting workflows. When time or budgets are tight, however, drafted or point-cloud models can still be out of reach. ETC’s new Augment3d Scanner app reduces this barrier to entry, allowing users to seamlessly create and import ready-to-use room models directly to their Eos Family consoles from a phone or tablet.

With the Augment3d Scanner app, a comprehensive 3D space model is just a few touches away. Built for use with the Eos Family line of lighting control systems, A3d Scanner leverages the augmented reality tools included in your device, saving you time building your 3D space. Once installed, explore the easy-to-use tools to map your space - including walls, doors, windows, a full floor plan, and even proscenium tools. When you complete your plan, the Scanner app builds a model right on your device, allowing you to send it via a Wi-Fi connection to any Eos Family console or computer running Augment3d, or save a copy for later import or use in other software.

With the affordable app now available on iOS and Android app stores, getting started with 3D lighting programming is faster and more seamless than ever.

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Notes: Press Release - ETC - June 2023