Rosco signs Patent Licensing Agreement with Rotolight.

Rosco Laboratories, Inc® has agreed to an IP licensing agreement with Rotolight®, relating to Rotolight’s cinematic special effects “CineSFX®" patent portfolio in the US, UK, and Europe. ROSCO acknowledges the validity of Rotolight’s patents and is pleased to join Rotolight’s licensing programme. ROSCO and Rotolight acknowledge and respect each other’s intellectual property and value fair competition.

Rotolight CEO Rod Aaron Gammons said: “We are very pleased to welcome Rosco to our CineSFX® licensing programme and appreciate their proactivity and professionalism in approaching us for a license for use within their DMG Lighting products. Rotolight continues to invest millions each year into research and development in order to bring industry-first innovations to market, that saves filmmakers time and money on set. Any other infringing companies should now proactively approach Rotolight directly, to secure a licensing agreement on reasonable commercial terms.”

Rotolight has additionally also agreed to become part of ROSCO Laboratories licensing programme, and is pleased to announce that it will be adding True Rosco Color™ library of digital gels to its NEO 3, AEOS 2, and Titan series lights in a Q2 firmware update for its customers.

Mark Engel, CEO Rosco said: “Rosco is a leading manufacturer with a rich a history of innovation, product development, and respect of intellectual property and we are therefore pleased to have officially joined Rotolight’s CineSFX® licensing programme. Our history includes over 100 years of developing solutions for creative professionals. The True Rosco Color™ library contains our gel colors, names, and numbers which have been technically validated and trademarked by Rosco. Customers around the world know and trust Rosco for its color quality and associated name and numbering system. We appreciate Rotolight joining other manufacturers in our license program by adding True Rosco Color™ digital gels to its product line up in Q2 2023”.

End of joint statement.

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Notes: Source: Rotolight - Official joint statement from Rosco Laboratories, Inc® and Rotolight® London, April 6th 2023