Tunisian radio’s migration to DAB+.

Thursday, 10 October 2019 -

Tunisia, Tunis

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The Arab States Broadcasting Union (ASBU) will host a joint workshop with WorldDAB on Thursday 10 October 2019. The workshop will bring together stakeholders from across the Tunisian radio sector to discuss the opportunities DAB+ brings for the radio, manufacturing, retail and automotive sectors.

1 October 2019, Tunis, Tunisia - The workshop will take place at the ASBU headquarters in Tunis and will focus on the current deployment of DAB+ digital radio in Tunisia and how radio, manufacturers and retailers can benefit from new business opportunities presented by the growing DAB+ market.

Titled Promoting DAB+ services and receivers, the workshop will bring together representatives from the Tunisian Ministry of Communication, Ministry of Commerce, the National Broadcast Network Operator in Tunisia, Office National de la Télédiffusion (ONT), as well as representatives from the audio visual regulator, retailers, receiver and car manufacturers and ASBU directors.

Attendees will have an opportunity to:
• Find out about the rollout status of DAB+ digital radio in Tunisia, the MENA region, in Europe and beyond
• Discover and discuss the business and retail opportunities offered by DAB+
• Learn about tools and resources that are available to promote DAB+ to the listener and build consumer recognition of DAB+
This DAB+ workshop will be the second to take place in Tunis this year, and will follow an earlier workshop that marked the launch of regular DAB+ services in Tunisia in June 2019.

A national multiplex operated by the National Broadcast Network Operator ONT is now on air covering over half (51%) of the country’s 11 million inhabitants. The second phase of the expansion is already underway, with population coverage set to reach 75% by the start of 2020.

The multiplex, which hosts 18 DAB+ stations, covers the capital of Tunis as well as other regions in the north-eastern part of the country, including Ariana, Ben Arous, Nabeul, Sousse, Monastir, Manouba, Zaghouan, Bizerte and Mahdia.

“With Tunisia set to reach population coverage of 75% in coming months, now is the right time for the focus to shift to North Africa” said WorldDAB project director Bernie O’Neill. “WorldDAB is committed to assisting broadcasters and regulators in the MENA region, sharing best practice and key learnings from existing and established DAB+ markets, and helping manufacturers and retailers to realise the business opportunities and potential of DAB+ digital radio.”

“We are very pleased with the significant development of DAB+ in Tunisia and Algeria, which have a combined population of over 50 million”, commented Bassil Zoubi, ASBU director of technology and development. “There is growing demand for DAB+ receivers in these two countries which have a free-trade agreement in place, as well as in the Middle East, and we encourage receiver manufacturers to seriously consider entering this market”.

For more information and to view the full programme for the Promoting DAB+ services and receivers workshop, click here.

Notes: Press Release – WorldDAB - 1 October 2019, Tunis, Tunisia