EBU - Network Technology Seminar 2019.

Tuesday, 18 June 2019 - Wednesday, 19 June 2019

EBU Headquarters, Geneva

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The Network Technology Seminar is the EBU's flagship event on IP-based production, recent and future technology developments in the domain, and the standards that drive them.

Join NTS to hear from the world's leading experts in the field, learn from large-scale projects undertaken by European broadcasters, dive into tutorials, and see cutting-edge demonstrations.

NTS will also be made available as a paid live stream. Live stream participants can send questions to the room for the Q&As following each presentation, participate in polls, and will get permanent access to presentations and other post-event resources.

Hear from...

Thierry Carrez
VP of Engineering
OpenStack Foundation

Claire Mérienne-Santoni
Project Manager
France Télévisions

Louis Lamarre
Media Infrastructure Architect

Andy Rayner
Chief Technologist

... along with:
Roland Beutler (SWR), Arne Bönninghoff (Riedel), Peter Brightwell (BBC), David Chalmers (BBC), Mathias Coinchon (RTS), Adam Dean (BBC), Edmond Debar (FTV), Mike Ellis (BBC), Sandro Furter (TPC), Larissa Görrner (Grass Valley), Hans Hoffmann (EBU), Veli-Matti Jarvelainen (YLE), Sonja Langhans (IRT), Genc Mucolli (RTKLive), Mikko Nevalainen (YLE), Hugo Ortiz (RTBF), Mark Patrick (BBC), Gerard Phillips (Arista), Love Thyresson (Net Insight), Phil Tudor (BBC), Ildiko Vansca (OpenStack), Willem Vermost (EBU)
and more.


• Media transport: uncompressed and compressed, for video and audio
• Ready-to-use design patterns
• The Pyramid for Media Nodes – a look at standards and what's missing
• New ways of working
• Use cases
• Related technologies: how IP over 5G production networks might function; the future of data centres; fibre; and much more...


• Architecturing redundant PTP deployments
• Orchestration / Automation
• Network security for broadcast equipment
• Patterns of cloud infrastructures on-premise
• Deploying services on multiple clouds off-premise
• 5G for Public Service Media


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Πληροφορίες: https://tech.ebu.ch/events/nts2019

Notes: Press Release - EBU - 15 May 2019