CineGear ON AIR Presents: IMAGO: Join the Conversations.

IMAGO: Join the Conversations - Meet the Diversity & Inclusion and Technical Committees - LIVE - Wednesday, March 24, 2021 - 11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. PDT.

Part I: IMAGO Diversity & Inclusion Committee: Looking at the International Picture – Reflecting on the Change

11:00 a.m. PDT

Both Imago Diversity & Inclusion Committee and ASC Vision Committee were established in 2016, although coincidentally and independently from each other, it could indicate a bigger global change. Now a joint 5-year anniversary offers a good reason to look back and summarize the experiences. We will reflect back on the status quo of 2016 and on which (if any) changes can be observed within the 5-year period. Looking at the question of diversity and inclusion in cinematography globally, the roundtable intends to map possible steps for the future and understand what works for creating the change.

We invite cinematographers from all over the world to participate. The bigger the picture, the more equipped we are to change it.

Panelists: Subject to Availability

• Elen Lotman, ESC (Πρόεδρος)
• Nina Kellgren, BSC (Πρόεδρος)

Part II: IMAGO Technical Committee: Update on the Work of the IMAGO Technical Committee

Noon PDT

Panelists: Subject to Availability

• Dave Stump, ASC - Συντονιστής
• Aleksej Berkovic, RGC
• Joe Dunton, BSC MBE
• Juan Antonio Fernández, AEC
• Stefan Grandinetti, BVK
• Kommer Klejin, SBC
• Edward Lachman, ASC
• Dirk Meier, BVK CSI
• Alfonso Parra, ADFC
• Philippe Ros, AFC
• John Christian Rosenlund, FNF
• Roberto Schaefer, AIC ASC
• Charles Poynton, PhD
• Daniele Siragusano
• Barry Russo, ASC Associate

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Notes: Announcement - Cine Gear - March 2021