Mobile Viewpoint: Let's meet online! Join our upcoming webinars.

Mobile Viewpoint invites you to our series of upcoming ‘soundbite’ webinars. In these webinars we will be explaining and demonstrating our remote live streaming and AI based technology for news and sports production. All our webinars will be streamed live from our own AI driven vPilot studio, offering you the experience live how a complete AI video production looks like!

Mobile Viewpoint prides itself on its technological innovation and customer support. We were the first to market with mobile H.265 SIM encoders to support a 4K camera as well as a multitude of other feature functionality including multi-camera support, 8 audio channels, enhanced IFB functionality, tally features and remote RCP connectivity.

As part of our current innovation portfolio, we have invested heavily in development of our AI products that allows remote live sports production as well as automated studio productions without the need of a camera team.

In our “sound bite” webinars, which are aimed at being no longer than 30 minutes, we will address the following topics:

1) Tuesday 7th April - vPilot - AI  for live automated studio production and event productions including live Q&A  – what it is and how to use it (10.30am CET και 4pm CET)

2) Tuesday 14th April – Remote live streaming – Best Practices and opportunities of remote production and live streaming in current COVID-19 times – new initiative called Trolly – Productions and the Mobile App - 10.30am CET και 4pm CET

3) Tuesday 28th April – The future of AI – what does that mean for unmanned Sports and News Production - 10.30am CET και 4pm CET

4) Tuesday May 5th -  Strengths and how to use IQSP - AI for live Sports Productions including live Q&A  - 10.30am CET και 4pm CET

5) Tuesday May 12th - Strengths and how to use vPilot - AI  for live automated studio production and event productions including live Q&A - 10.30am CET και 4pm CET.

Please click on the links to register directly for the webinars and we will meet online!

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Notes: Press Release - Mobile Viewpoint - April 2nd, 2020