AEQ Webinar - How to run your radio from home.

Wednesday April 8, 2020.

Everything you need to know to stay safe at home but still being able to make great radio and communicating with your audience!

Dear Friends,

AEQ invites you to a webinar where we will show you how to handle the basic elements required and enabling you to continue making great Radio from your home. #StayAtHome and learn with AEQ how you can continue contributing and operating your station or program without risking your, your employees or colleagues health and safety.

This Wednesday, April 8, you are invited to attend any of the two scheduled sessions of this free webinar. You will learn, among other things, how to remotely manage a mixing console, interview your guests and other personalities, and to continue announcing as a DJ or Talent - without leaving home.

Limited nº of attendees, register now:


Training will be in provided by:

- Peter Howarth, AEQ Sales Manager for USA and Special Markets.
- Roberto Tejero, AEQ Product Manager and Expert Trainer.
- Sergio Sanchez, Engineering Department of AEQ.
- Antonio Perez, AEQ Sales Manager for Asia and Pacifics.

What are you going to learn in this training?

- How to continue contributing from home.
- How to remotely run Automation on your radio station.
- How to operate an audio mixing console remotely.
- Take the phones home with you!

Info: & Calavitis SA*
* Distributor for Hellas

Notes: Press Release - AEQ - 6 April 2020