VSN WEBINAR - Media Preservation: Content is everywhere.

Date/time: Thursday, 26th of March at 3 PM (CET).

Do you know how metadata can improve the reliability of your archive? How to correctly catalog content for later quick search and retrieval? How to protect your most precious media in the long term?

In this new VSNWebinar, you will get answers to these questions and much more, as we review VSN’s Media Preservation solution and explain its main features:

• Advanced Metadata Structures
• Deep Archive
• Segments and live cataloging
• Artificial Intelligence

Take care of what you value most. Sign up for this webinar and learn how to archive your content quickly, smartly and safely.

Date/time: Thursday, 26th of March at 3 PM (CET)
Presenters: Toni Vilalta, Product Manager, and Ricardo Quintanilla, Content Manager
Language: English

We hope to see you soon around the web.

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Info: www.vsn-tv.com & Ariston BTS*
* Distributor for Hellas and Cyprus

Notes: Press Release - VSN - March 11, 2020