Announcing Quantum F1000 - NVMe Designed for Your Budget.

NVMe is perhaps the hottest storage technology right now, and for good reason. Quantum’s NVMe storage servers are enabling customers with large unstructured data sets and video growth to process higher-resolution content and provide massive parallel performance for large render farms, while reducing both storage and network infrastructure costs and complexity.

The Quantum F2000 has won multiple industry awards, and now Quantum is bringing the same benefits and same software into a lower-priced entry level NVMe storage server, the Quantum F1000.

Quantum F1000 - Same Benefits at a Lower Price Point
The Quantum F1000 provides ultra-fast performance over traditional flash storage and is easy to deploy as part of a StorNext® file storage cluster. And with best-in-class price-performance, you can’t afford NOT to check it out.

To learn more about the new Quantum F1000, check out the updated F-Series product page, or reach out to your local Quantum representative.

Info:  & Comart SA*
* Authorized Representative for Hellas & Cyprus

Notes: Press Release - Quantum - January 30, 2020