TV8 Television Expands and Upgrades its PlayBox Neo Channel-in-a-Box System.

Mongolian broadcaster TV8 Television has expanded the PlayBox Neo playout system at its headquarters in the national capital, Ulaanbaatar. This latest project includes upgrading the existing system to latest-generation Neo-19 software.

"PlayBox Neo provides highly reliable solutions which our staff have used for many years and find very easy to work with," comments TV8 Technical Consultant, Buriad Ganbat. "Especially important is the ability to insert live content or newly-created interstitials between prescheduled programs when an important news story breaks while we are on air. The user interface provides the information needed for each step of the creative process and alerts the operator ahead of transmission if a significant element still requires attention. PlayBox Neo also gives us the ability to advance into UHD transmission if required at any time in the future."

"The new installation includes a new high-definition Channel-in-a-Box server in main and auxiliary configuration, plus a CaptureBox Neo-19 ingest server," adds PlayBox Neo's Mongolia Sales Representative Erdenebayar Baatarsuren. "The Channel-in-a-Box server incorporates our TitleBox Neo-19 graphics manipulation software which gives the TV8 production team all the tools needed to create high quality graphics and animated text from predefined channel-specific templates.”

"Our Neo-19 series software includes all the refinements needed to allow full integration with the operating procedure at TV8 Television," details Iulian Ionescu, Regional Sales Director, PlayBox Neo Asia Pacific. "Every step of the workflow from ingest, playlist preparation and graphics creation right through to transmission can be handled quickly and easily with any desired level of automation."

“Ingest is especially easy as multiple channels of HD or SD content can be captured from SDI digital feeds, analogue sources and MPEG transport streams. Up to four video sources can be monitored on a single screen and controlled via a streamlined user interface. Content incoming to the CaptureBox Neo-19 is available for playback within seconds of capture commencing, an essential requirement for fast turnaround of TV8's news programme.”

Established in 1997, TV8 Television produces a wide range of content for viewers across Mongolia. TV8 transmits via Mongolia's national and commercial terrestrial networks. It is also accessible via the DDISH TV, MonVSaT, MNBC, Univision and Skymedia cable channels.

PlayBox Neo building on 20 years of successful innovation, pioneered the development of high-efficiency server-based and cloud-based playout to support every scale and type of one-to-many communication. The PlayBox Neo broadcast product range and cloud solutions today power over 18,500 TV and branding channels in more than 120 countries. Users include national and international broadcasters, start-up TV channels, webcasters, interactive TV and music channels, film channels, remote TV channels, corporate information channels and disaster recovery channels. With its commercial HQ in Europe, PlayBox Neo has offices in USA (PlayBox Neo LLC), Asia (PlayBox Neo Asia Pacific) in India (PlayBox Neo India) and in the UK.

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Notes: Press Release - PlayBox Neo - November 19, 2019