Highlighting DVB’s solutions for media on the web.

Peter MacAvock, chair of the DVB Project, represented the organization at last week’s Fraunhofer FOKUS Media Web Symposium in Berlin. He presented the latest developments from DVB, with a focus on DVB-I, complementing on-site demonstrations that showcased German public broadcaster ARD’s service list on the Fraunhofer FOKUS DVB-I client.

The event, taking place for the 9th time, focused on streaming media technologies. It coincided with physical meetings of the DASH Industry Forum. It provided a valuable opportunity to see and exchange on the latest developments in the sector. There were also demonstrations of 5G-broadcast media applications, test and interoperability tools, and other facets at the cutting edge.

The opening keynote by Will Law (Akamai) was a tour-de-force on predictions for this all-important industry. With low-latency service now commonplace, he said, the next challenge would be to address synchronization in live streamed media, which is critical for the gaming and gambling sectors. Europe leads the way in streaming of live gambling while the US is starting to allow this potentially highly profitable sector. Another theme running through the conference was that of sustainability, a hot topic in the streaming sector, but one which is in its infancy.

Photo: Fraunhofer FOKUS / Paul Hahn

Info: https://dvb.org

Notes: Press Release - DVB Project - 28.06.2022