RT Software has announced full support for NDI 5.0.

RT Software has announced full support for NDI 5.0 video across its entire range of Tactic and Swift broadcast graphics products.

Steve Hart, Development Director, explains “NDI 5.0 opens up new possibilities for broadcasters wanting to use hybrid cloud and on-prem infrastructures because NDI 5.0 supports routing across WANs. We've seen increased interest from sports broadcasters weighing up the options for green field installations. If their strategy is to include public cloud for live streams, NDI is a strong contender for a low latency signal format. This makes it ideal for sports broadcasters.”

Mike Fredriksen, Commercial Director, said “We have experience across the full gamut of signal formats, so are in a great position to be able to advise potential customers. Whether it is SDI, ST2110, NDI, or a hybrid mix and match approach, we can guide how best to implement a new facility infrastructure. Even better - we include NDI support for free and our entry level pricing is very competitive. Customers can experiment with absolutely no financial outlay by using the free software downloads on our website. Talk to us and we can help.”

RT Software can be found on the NDI Marketplace:

Info: www.rtsw.co.uk & AmyDV *
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Notes: Press Release - RT Software - London UK, 9 August 2022