Anton/Bauer expands DIONIC 26V Battery Series with new B-Mount solution for ARRI Cine Cameras.

Batteries, Chargers and Camera Brackets Deliver High Power Performance with Anton/Bauer Safety and Reliability.

Shelton, Conn. – July 4th, 2022 – Anton/Bauer a leading manufacturer of mobile power solutions for broadcast and cinematic equipment and a Videndum brand, has expanded its DIONIC® 26V series of cinema batteries. A range of B-Mount batteries, chargers and camera plates have been developed in cooperation with ARRI, for cinematographers, rental houses, and content creators using cameras such as the recently launched ARRI Alexa 35. Just like Anton/Bauer’s existing 26V Gold-Mount Plus solution, the native 26V B-Mount Li-ion batteries offer up to 240 watt-hours of reliable, safe, and efficient power.

The DIONIC native 26V range now includes 98-watt-hour and 240-watt-hour batteries and quad chargers in B-Mount or Gold-Mount Plus options, plus a range of mounting plates for connecting to industry-leading cameras and LED lighting fixtures.

“The new B-Mount additions to our highly popular DIONIC 26V range expand Anton/Bauer’s outstanding reputation for delivering reliable and versatile mobile power for demanding cinematic productions”. said Andrew Hutton, Anton/Bauer product manager. “Our rental partners can now provide a complete native 26V solution for customers to power their entire shoot, including power-intensive LED lights and high-end cine cameras. The DIONIC 26V series is a perfect example of Anton/Bauer’s continued commitment to engineer and deliver effective solutions to meet the workflow requirements of cinematographers.”8675-0177 Anton/Bauer DIONIC 26V 98Wh B-Mount

The DIONIC 26V B-Mount series has been designed to drive high-power cine cameras such as the ARRI Alexa 35. With their lighter weight and more compact form factor, the DIONIC 26V batteries offer greater mobility for high power camera operators than tethered power sources such as AC or block-style batteries. DIONIC 26V batteries can also be used as a hot-swappable backup power solution for gear running from large power sources, such as VCLX block-style batteries, eliminating the need to power down a camera to change the main power source.

8675-0178 Anton/Bauer DIONIC 26V 240Wh B-Mount

The DIONIC 26V B-Mount Charger offers rapid charging for B-Mount 26V batteries — charging the 98Wh battery in around 1.5 hours and the 240Wh battery in around 3.5 hours — a sharp contrast to competing dual-voltage or ‘regulated’ 26V batteries that take up to three times longer to charge.

Like the other batteries in the Anton/Bauer DIONIC range, DIONIC 26V B-Mount batteries feature an ultra-high-strength polycarbonate blend construction. This protects the premium battery cells to ensure peak performance even in the most demanding conditions — including extreme heat, humidity, and cold. “There are two methods to achieve 26 volts from a battery - ‘regulated’ and ‘native’. We chose native, and for a good reason.” Said David Pasko, engineering manager – Anton/Bauer. “The native 26V configuration balances cell usage and requires fewer circuit boards packed on top of the cells which significantly reduces heat. As a result, Anton/Bauer ‘native’ 26V batteries have many more charge cycles in their lifetime than ‘regulated’ or dual-voltage batteries for superior return on investment”.

8475-0148 Anton/Bauer 26V LP4 Quad B-Mount Charger

The Anton/Bauer 26V B-Mount range is available to order now at Anton/Bauer dealers.

8675-0177 Anton/Bauer DIONIC 26V 98Wh B-Mount
8675-0178 Anton/Bauer DIONIC 26V 240Wh B-Mount
8475-0148 Anton/Bauer 26V LP4 Quad B-Mount Charger

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Notes: Press Releease - Anton/Bauer - Shelton, Conn. – July 4th, 2022