BLUESHAPE Portable AC Power Generator PG700E.

This portable power generator is an AC power source based on a pure sine wave inverter that runs on lithium-ion technology.

The generator offers a silent, protected and robust solution which makes it ideal for working in any type of environment.

Versatile construction with 4 interchangeable 300Wh battery modules that can be easily replaced in the event of an after-sales service.


Pure Sine Wave Inverter
Easy portability with trolley case Shock Proof
IP67 (ingress protection)
Charge status indicator
Dedicated status and error indicators (visual and audible)
Silent working mode
Integrated quick charger


■ Output Voltage: 240/110V AC 50/60HZ
■ Max AC power Output: 700 W
■ Internal Battery Capacity: 1200 Wh
■ Charging Time: 7 Hrs
■ Size/mm [in]: 549 x 346 x 236 [21.61x13.62x9.29]
■ Weight/Kg [lbs]: 18 [39,68 lbs]

Eco Friendly - Zero C02 emissions.

Info: & Calavitis SA *
* Reseller for Hellas

Notes: Press Release - BLUESHAPE - April 2022