Simplylive Releases the Venue Gateway.

Simplylive announces the release of the Venue Gateway, our latest offering for providing end-to-end solutions for remote productions.  The Venue Gateway is a low-latency, bi-directional, multi-channel and multi-format contribution appliance connecting the remote venue to the broadcast production infrastructure.

The Venue Gateway aggregates and provides transport solutions for video signals, audio signals, commentary signals, intercom signals and tally.

Venue Gateway from Simplylive

The Venue Gateway offers:

• 8 Channel bi-directional encoder/decoder for remote production contribution

• Easy and flexible to deploy with multiple format codecs with low latency, high quality signals

• Aggregates all key requirements in a transport solution providing video, audio, commentary audio, intercom and tally

• Integration with top industry solutions for security and redundancy

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Notes: Press Release - Simplylive - August 2021