Unleash the Unprecedented Power of the Simplylive UHD ViBox Replay.

Simplylive is proud to announce the release of three (3) versions of UHD ViBox Replay servers:

•    ViBox Replay 6-Channel UHD (or 8Ch FHD)
•    ViBox Replay 8-Channel UHD (or 8Ch FHD)
•    ViBox Replay 12-Channel UHD (or 12Ch FHD) with up to 2 users
All versions will include 5x 4TB SSD storage and will offer a total recording capacity of 32 hours in UHD per server. There will also be a storage upgrade option for 5x 8TB to double capacity to 64 hours. These new configurations will deliver the most powerful combination of replay in the market.
Simplylive continues to capitalize on the constant improvement in both the GPU and CPU technologies to optimize the most advanced replay solution in the market. Replay operators have instantaneous access to 6, 8 or 10 cameras of action thanks to the core capability of the ViBox permanent loop recording.
These ViBox solutions will offer future proof capability with the support of both 12Gbps and 3Gbps SDI connectivity for UHD and FHD formats respectively. Clients can start with standard 1080i HD formats and move gradually to FHD and finally UHD 10bits support.
These next generation solutions are fully networkable and allow direct access to any local or networked sources instantly and simultaneously. The ViBox Replay UI multi-viewer allows for multiple layout capabilities for synchronous browsing of cameras sources across different servers on the network. This unique feature brings enormous editorial benefits to operators with the ability to see up to 15 synchronized cameras at the same time. The operator can seamlessly browse and find the perfect angles to highlight the action with speed and accuracy.
This ViBox replay solution integrates with companion software like XPort and BMR for exporting selected clips and highlights and ISO streaming respectively. These complimentary Simplylive software features work perfectly with post-production engines such as Adobe, Avid and Da Vinci for seamless transfers to/from the editing stations to the ViBox server.
These new and revolutionary ViBox replay solutions will be shipping starting April 30, 2021.

Info: www.simplylive.tv & Bon Studio*
* Distributor for Hellas & Cyprus

Notes: Press Release - Simplylive - 12 April 2021