ARRI: Take full wireless control with the new External Radio Module!

The External Radio Module ERM-2400 LCS provides a reliable point-to-point radio link for the most demanding radio frequency environments. It has an exceptional 1,000-meter range for ARRI and cmotion hand units and provides long-distance wireless camera and lens control.

The ERM-2400 LCS offers the best overall production value

• Robust and reliable radio connection through spread spectrum technology
• Long-distance range of up to 1,000 meters / 3,280 feet
• Rugged housing and solid form factor
• Perfect solution for car rigs and related setups

Take a deep dive with our Product Managers

Watch a detailed demonstration of the ERM-LCS 2400 in the ARRI TECH TALK Live webinar. Our ECS experts Christine Ajayi-Scheuring and Hendrik Voss explain the diverse setup possibilities, share tips and tricks for real-life situations on set and provide new technological insights.

Watch Webinar in English

ARRI Tech Talk: External Radio Modules for Lens Control

Join Sean Dooley, Sales Manager of ARRI Australia, as he demonstrates a variety of different ways you can use an ERM to extend your lens and camera control on set: from common use cases to unusually flexible setups that allow your imagination to run free.

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Notes: Source: ARRI - November 2020